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oh the frustration…

i have no idea how my parents did it. i certainly was not a perfect child, no one is, but how on earth did they get me to actually care about school and my future is beyond me. my good buddy nick is at it again, let us itemize the problems:

1. Monday-was supposed to bring his social studies folder to school to continue working on his project (due tomorrow) he was supposed to stay after school and work on his website (i use supposed to very loosely) instead, he leaves the folder at home but remembers to pack his new wes welker jersey (which he had worn the previous day and was told not to bring to school) and pack his starbury shoes, which he is only supposed to wear for fun not while he is in gym. his father told him that if he was done with his website to call him and he would pick him up, but no, he didnt call, we still do not know what he did after school for an hour. one word, BUSTED.

2. Tuesday-homework hell and the worst attitude ever.

3. Wednesday-again  was supposed to work on his website, he was not supposed to go to floor hockey or the special bingo thing (as a side note, we knew he went to floor hockey before we picked him up) 3:40pm go to school to pick up one VERY sweaty sixth grader, who obviously did not work on his project (he claims its done) but did what he was not supposed to do again and then tried to lie about it. now i know that i have never worked up a sweat working on a website, maybe they have some new extreme website building now or something.

needless to say the shit hit the fan. lots of yelling lots of crying lots of grounding. kevin and i both feel like idiots because nick is trying to play us for fools. when those seas settled we had a talk, got to the point that nick doesn’t care, we had to try and get him to understand that not caring is not the way to go and we tried our best to point out the correlation between his not caring is directly related to his mother not caring about him. he is carrying around so much anger i am surprised he hasn’t spontaneously combusted (i saw a show about that once) he hates that his mom has chosen, over and over again, the abusive boyfriend rather than her own son. and at that point i do not know what to do, i cant change what his mom does, i cant make the boyfriend disappear, all i can do is listen to a very angry eleven year old and hope that he turns out alright. i cannot tolerate lying and at this point he has absolutely no leg to stand on, i am almost to the point of checking everything over and over, and following him everywhere and that is no way to live. after all that talking and reassuring and not grounding him for years, just a week, we were finally able to have a good family hug and nick was able to tell his mom that he is still mad at her. unfortunately his mom has an amazing ability to lie just as well and belittle all of his feelings, in her world she is doing the best thing for everyone involved by not kicking the boyfriend out, hummm. nick is a great kid and has so much potential and yet is so good at frustrating the hell out of me, dear lord grant me patience. this weekend should be better, he is going to his moms, and the cycle will start all over again, although this time i hope that he can deal with his feelings in a more productive way.

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