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finally the weekend,

ahh friday and the weekend, can you hear the collective sigh in the background, no work, no school no homework! friday afternoon, i picked up nick from school, he was in a good mood, he said that his social studies project went well, we shall see, lets just say that project was not his best effort, but then again the entire week had been trying so that just capped it all! that afternoon, nick went with his mom and kevin took me out to get my valentines day present, now i have never been a big fan of that holiday, but it is beginning to grow on me. we went to the apple store and bought a new mac, with a wireless keyboard and mouse… did i mention wireless?? it is the neatest little thing around so cute and compact yet packs a real punch! i have converted kevin to liking macs, i told him welcome to the dark side! who hoo! saturday we went to nicks game then drove down to new haven to check out a yale art museum, it was so great to walk around campus and just feel the yale brain power seeping out of all the really neat old buildings, we had to cut our gwaking short though because it started to really snow, and really thick so we decided to head back, we rented a movie but things changed when we got home and were not able to watch it, on sunday i picked up k, she seemed in a good mood, rather quiet but i think she is finally accepting where she is now, i guess she was threatening to run away with her boyfriend and get pregnant, because that is the perfect answer to any ones problem. right? right. but other than that we had a lot of fun, now its sunday evening and we are starting to get ready for a new week, hopefully one with much less drama… please oh please. it was nice and quiet a moment ago kinda like this…  and then they started wrestling and then the dog started barking…and had a face like this.. hpim0030.jpg so now i have to be the enforcer and quiet the dog down and heal a charlie horse, because if you mess with the bull you get the horns! 

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