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the things i love…

about kevin:

  • the butterflies in my stomach every time he calls, or comes home, or wakes up.
  • the way he runs his fingers through my hair as we watch the history channel.
  • the fact he enjoys the history channel with me!
  • the little tuft of hair that sticks up when he takes his winter hat off,
  • the way he smells… all the time.
  • the way he calls me baby, i never thought i would like that.
  • the way he genuinely wants to take care of me
  • the way he interacts with his son, the one he has spent so much time trying to get full time.
  • his laugh.
  • when he plays his guitar and accomplishes a new chord or song
  • the wrinkles around his eyes when he smiles.
  • the fact he values my opinion.
  • his genorosity
  • paticence
  • the way he has taught me how love should really feel.
  • all of his thoughts of how we will be in years to come,
  • the fact he thinks of the future
  • the way he is protective
  • the way he is with hobbes

Happy Valentines Day!

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