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this weekend…

hpim1068.jpg the budweiser horses are so cool! this is the third time in my life i have seen them and every time they just get cooler and cooler! how much of a nerd am i?   hpim1064.jpg  if you look closley our good friend MOF is there doing what he does best… i would kill for his job right about then! and MOF it was great to see you, and you look fabulous by the way, have you bought new jeans yet?hpim1060.jpg   what a gorgeous day and of course loved the horses! then we walked around downtown, which is one of kevins favorite places, that goes without saying it is for sure mine as well. on sunday i took k to old weathersfield and we walked around the town and she actually had a good time, sometimes i am hesitant to take her to places that i think are great but she is just a teen, but then again i think she just appreciates someone who will take her out and not judge her. well back to the daily grind! have a great week! 

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its here its here its finally here! i am sure there is a song for fridays but i cannot think of it yet…. so here are some celebratory pictures!!hpim0446.jpg a really pretty flower because its spring…although with the weather not really feeling it!hpim0373.jpg the roth duff something something something house in new bedford, awesome place and i posted that in honor of me sending in my grad school application, now i sit and wait with fingers crossed and prayers to whomever will listen!


and heres my little boy doing what he does best… being lazy! but look at that putnum!!


and really, i have to admit that i love love love coach bags, however, this is from their new spring line and all i have to say is “FRINGES…REALLY?”  ohh the dissapointment, they can only regain my admiration by making more bags like this:


in any color really, because that is just cute!

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my sister…

hpim0452.jpg                 hpim0096.jpg    hpim0893.jpg   hpim0129.jpg   so the first pic is me and mary at disney world, in our serious faces contemplating the importance of the bugs life movie we were about to watch, she is so serious, she is deciding to get her masters degree in forensic psychology. little did she know she would end up working with sex offenders…the second pic is her moving out from undergrad, one of my favorite things to do is just stick the camera in her face and click… she loves it!the third pic is from my cousins abbys first birthday party and that one is undeniable that we are sistersthe final pic is testament to just how cool she is, even though i was a beached whale she would still sit next to me with a goofy hat and contemplate the more important aspects of lobster fest!! i love my sis! she is the best…heres to you mar bear!!

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and another thing…

March 27: General Interest
1998 : FDA approves Viagra

On this day in 1998, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves
use of the drug Viagra, an oral medication that treats impotence.”

really history channel? i think you can do better!

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funny thing…

happened when i went to the bathroom, i realized that i was wearing two different earrings. in my defense they were both danglely and green, but very different and of course i had been at work for over two hours and spoken with all of my colleagues numerous times, however no one noticed or they all thought that was normal behavior, thanks g for saying that is totally something she would do as well. i guess i have to count my blessings though considering it could have been a giant bat in the cave, or piece of something green between my teeth. i think i put two different earrings in this morning because my back is sore, yesterday at work my mom called and started complaining about my dad not moving the furniture for their moving sale and really she was dropping a hint and beating around the bush, instead of just saying hey we need you to come over and help. so after asking her if she was dropping a hint (she totally was) i drove the hour to my parents, moved all the furniture, and drove the hour back and now have that stabbing sore pain in my shoulder that i can only attribute to years of softball and now bad posture… ow! but the deed is done, sale is going on now, the realtors have toured around and they should be moving soon, i think the craziest thing is the whole time we have lived in ct, my dads goal has been to clean out the basement… well its empty now! way to go dad! i did come to an epiphany of sorts, going through all those boxes, i found all the cards from my high school graduation now the historian want to preserve everything part of me was like  ” wow, i so need to save these think of the significance” and then the practical voice came through and said “self… really why the hell do you want to save all those, the only reason why you even know you have them is because you have to go through all these boxes and throw.stuff.away” so thats what i did, high school was a long time ago and really not that great so why save things that are only going to stay in a box and move from one basement to another. i would say this is the first step to recovery from hording! of course my sister has a bigger problem with hording, she found boxes containing all the pages of one a day calendars (i am sure they were important) hence why i do not ever by her a calendar. Ever. but i love her dearly!

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in honor of La….

An Actual 1955 Good Housekeeping article.     just enlarge and enjoy!!!! and so not me…

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domestic goddess…

so not me! now i do have to admit that the meatballs, which i have never made before, turned out really good, i think they may have been even better if they could have marinated in the sauce longer, but we were on a time schedule, nick had practice and homework and and and… after dinner, i dusted and vacuumed, wanted to start my laundry, but someone had their things all down in the laundry room and by that time my motivation had begun to waive. instead i checked my email, looked at my grad school essay for the millionth time and caught up on all the entertainment gossip my little heart could handle. i think i am getting the hang of this whole family thing, and more and more i think that everything happens for a reason. so i have to teach myself to relax and be patient because things will happen, just maybe not on my timetable. for instance engagement which from this point forward will be referred to as the “e” word. a few weekends ago i made some comment about buying the cow when you get the milk for free to kevin. he felt that comment was unfair. my point of view was not to make ultimatums or anything, i just finally really understand that comment. (by the way i do not in any way shape or form endorse calling women cows) he always jokes that by making comments like that, i am pushing things back. but he will always reassure me that we are working towards marriage because that is what he wants and intends and so do i. so that is usually how our conversations go and life goes on. this past weekend, out of the blue, he says “i found your ring on tiffany’s website” out of the blue! my response was where is it? a quizzical “Really” not really knowing where to go from there, few minutes passed and i asked what it looked like, platinum or white gold, and then let it kinda drift away. ever since that conversation I cannot think of anything else. talk about severe shiny object syndrome! i have to talk the butterflies down and focus on something else, humm what to make for dinner, no i will look at my essay one more time.

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