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i know that flat tires really suck! we have all had them. but none of us have parked our car in the same spot for over two weeks and have done nothing about their flat tire. if you haven’t noticed, there are not enough spaces for everyone who lives here, let alone, random visitors who get flat tires. are you a squatter? where is your shanty? did you know that the weeds are starting to grow around you car? you may not have see the show on the history channel, life after people, but i did, and let me tell you that it does not take very long for the earth to absorb abandoned vehicles. that was a cool show though, one of my co-workers was saying she watched it and got scared, but then again she was also scared by jim hensons, labyrinth. when she first saw it in college! so i guess i should take that comment with a grain of sand. oh and as far as the stompers are concerned, i am still really. really. really. frustrated with them. but i have decided not to allow them to ruin my life. i am trying to not allow them to give me a sick to my stomach feeling when i want to go to bed. it seemed to work a bit last night, but then i still didn’t sleep so well because someone ate way too much ice cream and spent the majority of the night in the bathroom, see i knew that would happen when he ate the entire gallon of sundae from friendlies, but i am not one to nag. i think the main problem was not so much the amount of ice cream that was consumed, it was more the amount of, or lack of, time it took for that gallon to be inhaled. i guess the moral of the story is… no more large insane amounts of ice cream, of course he thought about having more tonight. and holy crow i do not like to eves drop but nick has the phone on speaker with his mother and let me tell you that apple did not fall far from the tree. he was watching forrest gump and not really paying attention to the conversation, and then there was a pause, kevin turned off our tv just as nick asked his mom what she was doing, and she goes, watching a movie… more dead air… i have a feeling that is just the tip of the ice burg. o god she called back, did i mention she has a roommate now and just called nick a turd for hanging up on her because she just left the phone… that is so crazy to me. there are really no words that can describe what goes on here. i am however looking forward to a great weekend, kevin made reservations at a restaurant in old saybrook, right on the water. how adult is that? reservations! should be great, sunday i am going to take k to the wadsworth art museum, she seemed really excited to go there, so hey why not! introduce her to a little culture and find out more about this new boyfriend she has, who apparently has already gotten one girl pregnant and he is only 16. again no words!

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