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four day…

work week! yippee! in four short days i will be outta here, on my way to see james taylor at tanglwood. kevin and i went last year but this year we are sitting in the shed and there are fireworks after the show! i will just have to keep my fingers crossed for no last minute baby momma drama-she is going to take him after she promised months ago! and really after how bad i felt yesterday, the thought of a dull spoon ripping out my insides was a comfort, its going to be a great week!

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friday fotos…

just a few pics, we went to the carousel in bushnell park and i just love horses and old music and the sun was gorgeous, these are actually from jens day in may, but seeing how i have little to no time to post any of these i decided to share them today! have a great weekend!


this was my valiant steed


and this one was just cool! they are all over one hundred years old and hand carved, and have real tails! they only compare to the very awesome horses up at watch hill:

i am such a horse nerd, not that i didn’t already know that, too bad i do not have any pictures of my horse rusty, who, sadly is probably glue and dog food by now (i have to thank my best friend mags for always reminding me that’s what would happen to him) i hate the thought of some kindergartner eating him while trying to glue dry pasta in the shape of their favorite letter…but that’s the circle of life right? Happy Friday!

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thursday thoughts…

so i have new responsibilities at work, one of which is taking the deposit every night. the place where the drop is smells like the worst b.o ever. the first drop i made i thought the guy in there before me just hadnt showered in a really really long time, but every drop since has been equally unpleasant to my sense of smell. do they clean in there? did something or someone die in there? thank god it is only a minute and a half of my life.

nick is now playing all stars. i always looked forward to all star season, it was full of traveling around to different fields, then back to camp (because that always seemed to be happening at the same time) and going to micky ds for dinner. what a treat. his first game they won despite a 20 min. lightning delay, some really questionable calls and the six foot kid on nicks team ripping a line drive off the pitcher and shattering his arm. yes shattering. i feel so bad for the six foot kid, he hit the ball and just stood there, everything happened so fast and he is just a big puppy dog. i do not think the other kid will ever pitch again, let alone step back onto a baseball field. the six foot kids mom is going to get contact information from the other team and at least send a card. which is so nice, thank god it only hit his arm.

i have less and less respect for nicks mom every single day. i really do not like how she is so selfish and i really hate harboring negative feelings towards her. i just wish she would grow up and see what all her bad decisions are doing to her own son. who, just for the record and contrary to what she believes, is NOT a burden.

i never really knew how to be in a relationship but i am learning more and more every day, and cannot thank god enough for kevin and how wonderful of a person he is. i always heard that good relationships grow and change and never really understood what that meant. now i do.

we are now counting down days to vacation, where did the spring go? and why on earth is everything moving so frigging fast? in july we have a james taylor concert, and indigo girls concert and a trip to washington. yay!

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its the weekend already?!? i swear i just went to bed on tuesday night! nicks last day of school, followed by lots of all star practice and somewhere in between we went to work, got a new glove, cleats and i have been trying to figure out the clusterfuck that is the finance office. i have narrowed down the piles to manageable sizes. i do however have about four file folders that are simply labeled with a ? no joke. the majority of our finance stuff is outsourced, so when i first met the lady on the other end i thought she was a bit, um, abrasive? and if i had to hear about palm trees one more time, well i was going to have to scream. needless to say i feel very very guilty about my negative first impression and all my not so nice thoughts i have shared with kevin because she has been so very very helpful. i am not sure if its because she thought so less of the person before me, or if she just likes me, but she has explained more to me and given me some of the most nicest comments, i have to say i am really sorry for thinking negative about her. 

on the subject of comments, i was talking to dustins mom the other day (still have no idea what her first name is) and it turns out that her sister used to work with nicks mom. they have had conversations about nick and his mom and about how “different” (i am trying to be nothing but positive now see above) there whole situation is. at that point i was reminded of just how small this area is. anywho, dustins mom said that she sees nick with me and thinks that i just work the world for him, she says she can tell he just adores me and is always with me and she concluded with “i certainly hope they did something nice or huge for you on mothers day because you are the first person who treats him the way a mother should” she also added that i must love kevin an awful lot to be here. she is right with that one! but to have someone who i don’t talk to all the time and don’t even realize half the time that she can see whats going on is a pretty good feeling. every once in awhile it is nice to get a reality check like that.

so today is the last day to spend with nick before he goes to camp, its just a parks and rec camp at his middle school, but he is super excited. unfortunately i have loads o work to do, so we are going to work for a few hours sometime today. he is actually excited about that, he wants to meet gillian, yesterday he goes “will gillian be there?” of course i said, “can i meet her?” sure not a problem “will she be funny?” at which i had to laugh, i cant make that guarantee but gillian if you read this before i come in, expect nick to think  you to be one walking jokester. ps i did show him the you tube video of batman on drugs…he thought it was hilarious! so much so that we found the incredible hulk on drugs, storm troopers on drugs and then went into watching various michael jackson and weird al videos.

looking forward to the weekend, although it feels like it was just here!!

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let the countdown begin…

dare i say it? well maybe not “it” but it is safe to start the countdown to the END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR! one half day left and we will have sixth grade under out belts, can you hear the collective sigh in the background? i can certainly feel it! in 24 hours there will be no more homework hell! no more detentions (but really there weren’t all that many) and nick will continue on his middle school career with two awards he won today. 1 outstanding attendance and 2. most improved scientist (both bring a little tear to my eye, he is not even mine!) way to go nick! and because i am so cool and such a softy, we will be playing guitar hero all afternoon!

this past weekend, we went and saw dave, it was great, we did get rained on on saturday, but really who cares when dave is playing, plus my sister was here with her boy and we were meeting my parents and kevins dad for breakfast the following morning. it was so great to see my dad, i guess its been a few months. he is very happy in his new job and just really wants the house here to sell, but there was something different about him, i am not sure what it was, nothing bad, but he seemed to look at me differently. hummm

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I found this article online, i think msn but i am not sure and thought it would be funny to share. While i have never had to use any of these excuses for being late (i always tend to be 15 minutes early) i have had some clever excuses for other things: such as my friend susie bede and i were in eighth grade and did not want to run the mile for gym, we told our gym teacher that our butts had fallen asleep and we were not able to walk very well let alone run the mile. Our teacher let us off the hook, i really think it was because we had been feeding her lines like that for a very long time and she had had enough!

1. While rowing across the river to work, I got lost in the fog.

2. Someone stole all my daffodils.

3. I had to go audition for American Idol.

4. My ex-husband stole my car so I couldn’t drive to work.

5. My route to work was shut down by a presidential motorcade.

6. I have transient amnesia and couldn’t remember my job.

7. I was indicted for securities fraud this morning.

8. The line was too long at Starbucks.

9. I was trying to get my gun back from the police.

10. I didn’t have money for gas because all of the pawnshops were closed.

p.s according to the article these excuses have all really happened to the late person…

I am off to see dave matthews this weekend! 3:30 cannot come soon enough! happy fathers day and have a fabulous weekend!

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100 things…

because wordpress is so smart, it let me know this is my 100th post, so in a fit of ambition, i have decided to write 100 things that have changed since i started this little blog…here goes:

1-new job.

2-new apartment

3-raising a child/middle schooler

4-living with the boyfriend

5-used to do registrations, now i am in finance (Finance you ask…i agree)

6-no longer questioning “if” i will ever be engaged, its more like a “when”

7-i do not get to play with old things anymore

8-no more teaching

9-going to grad school

10-socializing with the little league parents (so much so that at nicks last game i thought to myself “self…you are going to miss some of these people”)

11-my parents are moving (anyone want a house?)

13-i make the bed every morning

14-enjoy cooking

15-don’t mind grocery shopping

16-worry about people and how their day is going

17-really like cleaning (crap have to switch the laundry…)

18-have to pay for laundry

19-new computer

20-wireless keyboard

21-wireless mouse (i know these are cheap ones!)

22-may be turning out to be the grouchy lady who wont let the kids throw the ball in the courtyard

23-have turned into the grouchy lady who yells at neighbors who do not have their dog on a leash (yes i am talking to you mr. white pit bull mix dog owner! i don’t care if “she gets along with every other dog” she was at my dogs throat!)

24-have a deeper appreciation for quiet at night and long for the days when the crack heads upstairs are not home

25-new tires

26-new air conditioning

crap so that was way too ambitious, but holy crow thats a lot of new stuff, plus i cheated and looked back in the archives and realized that “this” blog technically started in october which would negate a few of the newbies, i had given myself at least four or five months before october…humm, i will have to dwell on this a bit more…besides who really wants to read a list of 100 things!


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