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since we just added water and made this little family, it feels like a blink of an eye, but when i really think about it there was a lot of hard work too. here are a few changes…

  • i can say no and just by saying ‘no’ i do not have to have any other reason!
  • last year for all of nicks school paperwork and contact information we *insert mostly me, but sometimes nick* really were not sure what my official title would be (not his mom and not step mom and dads girl friend really didn’t fit. This year i am a parent.
  • aluminum foil+broiler=flames and lots of smoke and alarms
  • let me see your homework and did you do your homework at two completely different questions
  • gold bond medicated powder is a gift from god
  • it takes exactly 2.5 minutes for a large bag of smartfood to be devoured by a 12 year old
  • There are numerous ways to get a pencil that is stuck in the bathroom drain out of said bathroom drain
  • chewing nails off till they are nubbins can result in those nails becoming embedded into ones gums, after at least a week of “ow my gums hurt” and “why do they bleed all the time” i have learned to be a dental hygienist and floss out the offending nail
  • i have spent more time contemplating what type of cup/jock strap to get as opposed to what kind of bra i am going to get
  • i have learned that i am way more patient then i ever thought possible

i have also learned that relationships are very hard work, but the ones that are the best require the most work!! Here’s to another year!! I love my boys!

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