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my weekend…

friday afternoon, kevin and earned more cool parent props. we had nicks girlfriend over for pizza and a movie and nick even said…and i quote…”bethany even says you guys are cool parents” whoa! who would have thought we could have ever achieved parent status let alone “cool” parent status. so that was pretty great. 

saturday morning, nick woke us up saying that there was a bunch of yellow tape outside the window. that seemed odd, we started to roll out of bed and do our usual thing, feed the dog, take him out. until kevin stepped outside our back door and came across this:

now if you cannot make out what the trucks say, let me tell you, the long one in the back is the crime response mobile unit for the town and the shorter one is the state police (central division) crime investigation unit. why would they be there you ask? because the crack heads/stompers who live ABOVE me had a gentleman who, may or may not have been living with them, doing deals out in the parking lot, one deal went bad and he was stabbed to death. AT.MY.APARTMENT. we were unable to go out our front door because 1)it was part of the crime scene and 2) because of all the blood. our parking lot was completely roped off, which meant we could not leave until all of the cars were cleared and that part of the crime scene was cleared. we had to have nicks coach pick him up for his ten o clock game. eventually we were allowed to leave, we caught the last two innings of the game then brought nick to his moms house. the police were still here in the afternoon. kevin and i went grocery shopping and came back, police still here, then we went to get something sweet and came back to you guessed it, more police. i would have to say sometime around 8pm we were finally allowed to open our front door, i really shouldn’t have, there were blood smears on the wall, a large spatter at the front door on the cement and a cop sitting at the top of the stairs. then a few minutes later the two ladies and the vacant starring gentleman returned, i think they tried to clean what was left on the wall and the front step-not successfully i might add because it is still there! the crazy thing is, kevin totally knew something like this would happen. apparently they have lived here before and were evicted, when they moved back in the neighbors who have been here a while warned us about them.

the more i sit here in my apartment, my home, the more i become disturbed by the whole thing. i realize things like this happen all the time, and i cannot protect my family from the big bad world. but this man died above me from a stab wound that happened right outside my door, his blood is still outside. my address was broad-casted to the entire state of connecticut, not to mention the live shot of my apartment all morning long! thank god my mom was visiting michigan this weekend. but how does one deal with this? i feel completely irrational thinking that this is even bothering me, but it is, its under my skin, there are visual reminders and the stompers are still upstairs. shouldn’t they be gone? evicted or something, i am sure there is something in the lease that does not allow this kind of thing, i did read through it and saw no mention of murder per say, however there were other things less sever that could result in eviction and if they don’t leave, we will and i do not think we should be punished for breaking our lease. a document we signed with the understanding that everyone who lived here signs the same thing and would have to adhere to those same things which should equate to a safe environment, at least one free of oh i don’t know, murders?!? gah i am so having a hard time with this. its a good thing that i got my birthday present early and was able to take such a great shot of the cop vehicles, in fact my new camera could have put all the investigators cameras to shame.

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