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the vulture…

today was the first time kevin and i went furniture shopping. nick needs a new dresser, so after his game we headed over to raymore and flanigan. before we entered the store, kevin made a comment that the salespeople were like vultures here and they just do not leave you alone. as soon as we stepped into the store a sales women swooped down upon us shoved a flyer in our hands and ushered us to the kids section. half way through the store she had already decided that we needed a solid wood, made in america, discontinued chest of drawers that we could save for a life time and use in our guest bedroom when nick moves out for school. because that is exactly what we were thinking, right? then she tried to pull up a picture on the website, but the computer wasn’t working, so she went to find the catalogue, she left for a few minutes but said “i will find you.” how ominous is that? and she did find us! she kept pushing this one dresser and kept saying things like “are you serious about this piece?” and “i bought the lingerie chest.” then she kinda pardoned herself again and it just so happened that we were near the bathroom, i told kevin i was going to use the restroom and i would meet him near the bedroom furniture. i noticed her presence behind me, but i though that she would go through the personnel door that was also near the bathroom. i had a fleeting thought of “she wouldn’t follow me into the bathroom?” SHE DID! not only did she follow me in, she proceeded to talk to me while we both used the facilities. i don’t go into the bathroom to have idle conversation with a crazy vulture type saleswoman, i really do not care that fall is her favorite time of year, not that spring is bad because she talked about that too. and how rude is it that someone i just met is talking to me about what i did today and that we should really go hiking today. i wanted to say “lady, this conversation has made me VERY uncomfortable, and if you think that talking to me/following me into the bathroom is going to help you make a sale, you have another thing coming!” when i finally weaseled out of that situation, i went and found kevin and told him that she was talking to me in the bathroom, he just kept apologizing. for the next ten minutes or so she was here and there trying to get a price for this dresser that she knew we needed. finally she came back with an obscene price and we said, well thanks but no thanks, but that wasn’t good enough. she wanted to know what our budget was and then she called kevin “sweetie” at that point i hear “lets get out of here hun” and as we leave she rolled her eyes and walked away completely disgusted. i wanted to say “that was for following me into the bathroom!”

p.s-i will never set foot in that store again

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