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time really does fly…

so it was just yesterday, right? when we had our engagement party and my papers were just being started, but were not due for a really long time, right? WRONG! thanksgiving is in two days…then christmas…papers due oh i don’t know…NOW! felling a bit of pressure, but no biggie.

the other day i was helping nick with his homework. his class was answering questions about classified adds. one add in particular was about a baby grand piano. the question nick had to ask was “why do you think this person wants to get rid of their baby grand piano?” nicks response; “uh…because the guy doesn’t have a baby.” i had to laugh, not at nick but at the pure innocence in the answer itself. i explained what one was and told him not to change his answer. now we are working on the “eggsperiment” eggs in vinegar…yum!

last night in class i was talking to a classmate about our undergraduate experiences. the head of our history department was affectionately known as stinky man. i cannot put into words how bad this gentleman smelled. we could tell he taught a morning class in the evening because his scent lingered for that long. disgusting. well i had to turn in my senior thesis to him and after i had explained to my classmate the unbearable stench and the dread of having to sit in his office for more than two seconds, she makes a comment “yeah like, please cant i just email this to you.” i laughed it off and said yeah right then realized that emailing a paper was not an option when i was in undergrad…has it really been that long?

kevin and i have found a place to get married, and i think we may even have a date. we have decided to tell my parents we will be paying for the majority of the wedding, if they want to help that is great, however we are not expecting that. but as far as anything else goes with wedding planning, i realize i have no clue!

i would just like to put a apb out to all woodland creatures with a death wish. STOP RUNNING INTO MY CAR!  i was born guilty therefore the amount of guilt i feel after hitting something that wanted to die, makes me feel worse! the bambi i hit the other night probably died a slow cold death considering it ran head first into the side of my car and probably got a concussion and a few broken bones. oh and this was in town! this would be the third deer i have hit, and let me tell the rest of you, none will be that fortunate any longer! this also applies to rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, opossum’s, chipmunks, turkeys, birds, snakes and cats (all of which i have hit) i will no longer brake-this is due to the stress caused and the slight coronaries that i no longer want to experience.

and because thanksgiving is just around the corner:

i am thankfull that kevin is so understanding, that i make a difference in nicks life, that my family is supportive, and that my car is still running. i wish everyone a healthy and happy thanksgiving!

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