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finally friday…

its been a long week and a short week all in the same week, i am not sure how that is possible but i did just experience one. a week full of work, class, and a thirteen year old with his first phone. yes we caved and are now the proud parents of a texting-totally-connected-thirteen-year-old-seventh grader. i think i had to talk myself into the logic behind allowing something i had been so adamantly against and the thought process went something like this;

well, kevin and i are both really busy now, which means that nick spends more time on his own, he has been allowed to walk home from school and when i am still at work neither of our phones are there and we have no land line, with his own phone-he can call when he gets home, that way i do not spend the last 25 minutes at work worrying whether or not he has broken bones, detentions, has eaten everything in the kitchen similar to how locusts can clear a field, or set the building on fire. a little piece of mind.

then, in my own rational thinking, we put him on our plan which means we can see everything (at least all the phone numbers/texts ect) just by logging onto the account. part of the agreement is that he pays his part of the bill each month, i made it very clear that this is considered a contract and if he doesn’t pay, he looses the phone for a month and will still do his chores and not get paid at all in order to get the phone back. i am hoping to teach a bit of responsibility. sounds reasonable.

he has had the phone for less than a week, texts to his friends who live on the second floor and who have been known to stand OUTSIDE our door and text back and forth. he has recorded his own ring tone which is his homage to arnold ‘pick up the phone…pick up the phone…pick up the phone now!’ in his best terminator voice and if you by some chance catch him without his phone and have to leave a message, his voice-mail at first sounds like he has in fact answered the phone. i do have to admit that he is very good about not having the phone on at school (but in this day and age, every student has one and no one is allowed to have them on) he has also taken great care to get the finger prints off of it and we have only caught him once talking on the phone when he should in fact be in bed. its like the great sanford phone experiment. i am just hoping the novelty of texting will wear off a bit and he keeps it on vibrate when i am working on my papers.

on another note, you have not lived until you attend a pbs stars concert. no joke i saw four year olds throwing elbows and rushing the stage…

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to the only woman who could wear leather pants to work and make it look good:


you were so brave and strong, and taught me so much,


i know you are in a better place now, no more pain, but it sucks for us. i will never forget when i though you were loosing it because you smelled the decomposing mouse in the office and i did not. i will always remember you when i see tulips or on valentines day, or every day when i wear my bracelet that you gave me because you said “i wanted you to have a piece of me.” rest in peace suzanne, you will always have a special place in my heart…

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