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it feels like it was just friday, i realize that this week was no shorter than last week, but still where did the week go? and when is the sun going to come out? seriously i am going to build an ark although it may have a few more modern accommodations than the one noah built, just saying! should be a nice relaxing weekend, maybe go and spend some time with my dad who incidentally has been sending pictures of dress to my sister-who happened to suggest a cow limo for the wedding, she has a thing for cows. and although she said she would pay for it, i told her i wouldn’t want her to spend that kind of money on me and really, cows were her thing.

she called me the other night while she was looking at them and said it was just gorgeous and what not and then mid conversation she starts laughing hysterically-tear inducing laughing. because i wasn’t in the same room with her i began to question what was so funny. after about a minute of laughing she goes “i love our dad” my response was “yeah he is a great guy” she snorted then began to describe what he had just sent her. apparently dad is savvy with photo-shop because she got a third picture of the dress only this time it was covered in cow print. that dad is a funny man! of course i find this out after i send him some sappy you’re the best fathers day card when i really wanted to send him some sarcastic ‘hey at least i am not asking for anything this time…’ type card.

and while i was on facebook the other day i got an email from my bestest friend mags in michigan. we have been friends since freshman year of college, lived together ect. she moved to kazoo after graduation for her job and i moved back a few months later, we just complimented each other perfectly, when i moved to ct she was the last person i saw in kazoo, i made it back for her wedding and finally after four years she came out here. when i picked her up at the airport i had tears in my eyes because i couldn’t believe she was really here and after all that time of not being together-it was exactly the same. i got an email from her the other night that said she didn’t realize how much she missed just hanging out-which gave me goosebumps and another tear in my eye. mags is the best and here we are after a weekend of boston, baseball games, and dave matthews:


and one of my favorite questions, one we always were asked in college and happened every time out here as well was “is this your sister?” even mary thinks there is a resemblence.

Happy Weekend!

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