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and went to a bridal show this past weekend. and i am positive i do NOT want this:


because believe it or not, they are still out there, complete with mullets and balloon arches. needless to say i think i learned of more of what i don’t want then any ideas of what i could see us doing. next weekend, kevin and i will attempt one again. this past weekend, i went with my sister. it was an awesome experience with her and we were able to joke about all the swarmy vendors and cheesey banquet halls that just made me feel as if i needed a shower. but i did see a really neat cake, an innovative photographer and pretty sure i found bartenders. bring on the planning…

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i cannot say how special our day was, i am not that great with words. i do have to say that it meant so much to be surrounded by friends and family in such a great place. here are a few pictures from the evening:


our really really pretty flowers, thanks mom!


the four of us…


i had that smile all night long, in fact it is days later and my cheeks are still a bit sore, but i just couldn’t help it!


so my mom did have a friend of a friend who is a professional photographer (haven’t seen anything yet for the newspaper back home…) who at one point in the evening decided to take this picture, however no one told me about it. i was startled when i felt someone tugging on my finger and quickly turned around to find my mom going “i didn’t want to interrupt you, but can we get a picture?” huh followed by sure followed closely by me seeing the photographer on the other side of the room and me with no ring on and turning to my mom going “may i have my ring back now…???…”

and because my mom is my mom and even though i made kevin promise that there would be no mention of the pending birthday;

dsc_0063i had a cake, everyone sing to me, boas, a crown and re-lighting candles: this is me snuffing out the candles because i do not mess around! so i had to share with mary…

dsc_0065and my moms excuse? “well this was the only time we would have everyone together” so i understand. our evening was capped off by going to the casino, where we lost money and my aunt the nun was pick pocketed (that guy is going to burn!) and returned to the house super late, when kevin and i realized we hadnt eaten since lunch…

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