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because i am a putz…

or a klutz, i haven’t quite figured it out yet. let me explain. on monday i found out a co-worker of mine was playing in a mud volleyball tournament on saturday. i thought, mud? volleyball? how cool would that be! so i told her i was interested. even after she informed me to bring at least an entire roll of duct tape to tape your shoes on to your feet. i still felt that was something i would be good at, and have fun. all week i had been looking forward to getting insanely dirty and perhaps partaking in a few adult sophisticated beverages at totally inappropriate times.

then it dawned on me, i am getting married in three weeks. an activity that requires the use of both arms and more importantly both legs. and after thirty years, i think i know myself pretty well. i KNOW i would have either, broken a finger, a wrist, or a shoulder. sprained an ankle, torn a ligament or all around just gotten plain beaten up. in which case i would have been really upset with myself. it is a little known fact that i am in fact a klutz. exhibit a: seventh grade playing basketball i was running backwards and tripped over my own two feet and broke my wrist. exhibit b: senior year of high school i was riding my horse, it spooked and while my horse went one way, i went the other resulting in a terrible fall, injured back and major concussion, a concussion that led me to believe that while i was semi-conscience on the couch i thought the dog had exploded. exhibit c: junior year of college, walking off a curb, stepped wrong and tore ligaments in my ankle. these are just some of the many instances where my general presence can cause me harm. i had a frequent visitor card to the local emergency room.

overall, i decided to error on the side of caution. i am only getting married once, and that one day i would like to not have a splint, a sling, or crutches to be in any of the pictures. am i sorry i backed out on my friend? of course! but as i sit here typing this, both my hands are working fine, i can walk, and i am not concerned that dog is exploding in the background…

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