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i started out this morning wishing nick a happy first day of 8th grade. my 8th grade year was filled of anticipation, and i must admit a bit of dread, for high school. when he got home, things were good! here’s to a great year!!

when i got to work, i had a list of things to do, the normal things, that usually get done in a few days, but my goal was to get them done today. i have a pressing engagement on friday which requires me to not be in the office…just saying! i spent the morning entering bills, answering vendor calls, and updating budgets. i even tactfully ambushed the boss in order to get checks signed. thankfully, he has a sense of humor and, at least i think, appreciated my effort. 

my other goal of the day was to meet a good friend from school for lunch. she was to meet me at work at noon to pick up books for a class i have already taken and to go to lunch. at 11:56 my boss and i are hovering over my computer trying to fix a budget. something that needs to get done! when gillian comes in saying the big boss was in her office asking her things that she didn’t have an answer to. she needed our help. my first thought…”damn, cathy is probably in the parking lot” followed by “what on EARTH could he be asking?” i made my way to gillians office, found my friend cathy waiting in the hallway-to whom i said hi to very quickly. only to be greeted by EVERYONE i work with. all in gillians office, all there to wish me luck. there were flowers-which are gorgeous-and cupcakes, and many, many, many, well wishes!

i was speachless. and touched. and downright flabbergasted! i have to say i work with the most thoughtfull, generous, fun, people EVER! and to know that there were things going on, that i wasnt aware of…makes it all the better! i was able to hold the tears in until my former boss, the lady who brought me into such a great little world, came over to give me hug. she has just married one of her daughters off and has another to go, and when she approached me, i said she deserved a break, to which she said, “no you deserve this” and with a hug i starting to cry and blubbering ” i never thought this would happen” we totally had a moment! she is the best!

eventually i made it to lunch. i made it home. the flowers are in a vase from my engagement party and they totally look the part. and tonight i sit and think that i may not make much money, or have any prestige, but in my field…you cannot meet a better group of people.

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