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back to the real world…

why is it that vacations are always way too short? this past week i spent on the beach, with my sister, with my future in-laws, eating good food and just being. and saturday morning? came way too fast! i could have sworn that i had just unpacked my suitcase! the house was great, steps from the beach and had everything we could ask for, it wasn’t until the last night, when we had five people showering that the ceiling in the kitchen decided to leak…ALOT! but i spent time (lots of it!) on the beach!


and did not get burned!! Nick got to go kayaking


he is just cool!


and as much as i am not supposed to talk about ‘break dancing’…i think it runs in the sanford genes!


this is my nephew…Ha i just said nephew!! he really had an itch in his ear but had sand on his hands, but the way i caught it, really just made me laugh. it is just so much fun to be with this family of mine and to think the next time we see them, kevin and i will be married. not that anything will be much different, but it will and i cannot wait to be a part of such a loving, generous family. and really how could you not want to be a part of a family that passes break dancing down to its progeny?!?

oh and p.s-we are within a month! and here is a pic of my shoes!


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more vacation pictures…

so this past weekend, we were able to fix the computer and now i can share my pics:

nick and kevin on safeco field, nick got to run the bases and got a certificate signed by ichiro (spelled that wrong i am sure)

that was at the olympic mountain range…one of the park rangers said that only one or two days out of the year is it that clear and blue, we could see british columbia.

snow in august…

what a difference a volcanic eruption makes eh?

and of course, my bling. the picture does not do it justice, my camera will not focus close up, it is even prettier in real life and i am not sure if that is because it is a gorgeous ring or how beautiful everything is that it stands for!

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a few vacation pics…

so my poor little computer cannot possibly hold all the pictures from vacation, but i wanted to share a few:


this was the view to the left of the house in manchester.


Nick and Kevin outside the “Museum of Mysteries” and i use the term museum very loosely…

Kevin and i on top of the space needle…

i have so many other great pictures, like nick running the bases at Safeco, or all the mountain pictures both from Hurrican Ridge and Mount St. Helens, but like i said my little computer hates me right now! and to top it all off, my camera, which is probably the first digital camera, ever, cannot seem to focus to get a good pic of my ring…sorry i will fix that!!


happy thursday!

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