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really? its the weekend?

after a whirlwind of a week that included, but was not limited to, classes, work, baseball, murder investigations, prepping for halloween at work, working on my first grad school paper, grocery shopping and getting ready for an engagement party. its FRIDAY! i haven’t been this excited about a friday in a while, well i was last week, but that was dampened a bit saturday morning. but have no fear, there will be nothing like that happening again at least not in the near future! why? because the crackheads are being evicted today-complete with police escort. that little tidbit almost made me want to call in sick to work. not that i wish any ill will on anyone but i think dead people is really that line that was crossed.

on another note, i have been emailing my sister over the past week about next weekend and our engagement party. my parents are having a wonderful party for us at a local vineyard. we have all sorts of people coming plus a majority of the family from dirty jersey. on monday my mom said she wanted me and mary and all the boys to stay at the house because, and this is how she said it “I want my girls home.” o.k not a problem but then she continued to say she wasn’t really sure about the sleeping arrangements, boys in one room girls in another…right then and there, i kinda started to have a problem. not a huge one, because i do respect my parents, but then again a semi-huge one because there is no way i can not sleep next to my fiance. the same person whom my dad gave permission to. by wednesday, she had come to her senses, at least where we are concerned. for my sister, not to sure yet and she is having a hard time grappling with why this is such a big deal. i think my favorite part of the entire conversation with mary all week is that we really need to take a look back and see how many instances where my mom said “your dad will not like it” and re-evaluate if really, it was her not liking it. Its almost like having a completely different outlook on how we were raised. but comical all the same!

i am looking forward to a weekend full of baseball, paper writing, leaf peeping and a class of wine! and really looking forward to a normal parking lot tomorrow morning!

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the tree is down…

sheesh it is finally down, and the depression of missing a lovely lighted tree that took up half the living room was not as bad as i thought it would be. although i have been living in that apartment longer than when the tree was up, it still feels like a whole new place. but like i said it is finally down. this weekend kevin had his first barbershop experience. you see my dad sings barbershop music, both in choruses and quartets. he is good, has been doing it my whole life and it was a huge part of growing up. and i am not embarrassed by it. when i was younger i wouldn’t tell my friends, to many looks and judgments and how nerdy could that be jen, but as i grew older and realized that all those people involved were fun honest people, i began to become proud of the singing and even more proud of my dads participation from singing to directing to judging and being district vice presidents. its cool and we have fun (my sister and i just recently had a huge discussion about how we brag now about our dad and his singing) on Saturday night we went to the Manchester silk city chorus’ show and saw a great comedy quartet, and awesome college quartet and past international champions. all very good, and i sat next to kevin and basked in the idea that i have finally found someone who appreciates barbershop music. he never once judged, rolled his eyes, he just sat and enjoyed. i used to dream when i sat at all the concerts and competitions that one day i would have someone there with just me, i used to envision this person singing with my dad and becoming champions (kinda lofty i know! hey i was young) it was really just a great night! of course it was ended short when we got a call from nicks mom, she was in crisis because of the crazy boyfriend and had to bring nick home way early, i give her points for just having enough common sense to bring him home, she knows that if the crazy boy comes anywhere nick she will not see nick again…touchy situation yet all in all interesting to say the least.

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