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So we got back from our trip to indiana and it was a great time, we had deep fried turkey (hey we were really close to kentucky) and lots of other food, good times spent with family and then went to st. louis, what a cool place that is! we got to see the body world exhibit, went to the zoo and of course stopped by the arch. it was great. As for the flying…it was a piece of cake, busiest travel day of the year my ass! of course when we got back i became infected with the plague, monday was all sneezing and tuesday i could only hold my head up for half a day at work, yesterday i spent in a fog on the couch, havent slept that much in years, so today i am back at work with only half a cinder block on my head, hopefully i can make it through the whole day. so i have been tagged by hallie, havent quite figured out how to link to her and really not sure of seven people to tag but i am rather excited to go along, so here goes:

The rules:

1) Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2) Share 7 facts about yourself.
3) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
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1. i love the midwest, but i never thought that i would miss dunkin donuts so much, hell any place with coffee for that matter, i dont remember having no coffee out there.

2. i have a severe addiction to chapstick.

3. i miss getting dressed up in a corset for the coldest night of the year and walking around gossiping about Mr. Jennings and Mrs. Palmer. its that time of year again and i think we have all hung it up…booo

4. this past thanksgiving was the first time i spent it away from my sister and parents, it was hard but good all at the same time.

5. my sister and i used to have stuffed animal fights in our room, that was after we played olympic gymnasts and would do somer saults between our two beds..really surprised we didnt break our necks.

6. when i was in college maggie and i used to use cans and a basketball to go “bowling” in the hallways! our neighbors loved it!

7. i really love my little family and only hope for the best!!

so there it is, the plague has come back and i am not sure how much longer i can stay up!!!

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Its Snowing!!!

YEAH!!! the first snow of the year, how cool is that..ha ha ha literally! go a call from kevin this morning to look out the window, nick was excited as well, dissapointed that he still had school though. i am not going to get any work done today, i am leaving tomorrow for indiana and its snowing! i tend to just watch it out the window then actually do anything productive, i think its from elementary school.

at this moment i would just like to take a few lines to thank the AAA guy who came to my rescue last night with gas! in my defense my gas gauge does not work, so i have to go by mileage, well i hadnt driven the car all weekend and went to middletown last night, as soon as i got on 91 north, my car just didnt go anymore, no warning lights, no bell just not moving. i do have to say that he got there in a prompt manner and gave me a few gallons to get to a gas station, very nice indeed. and i have to appreciate that it was the coldest night of the year so far and i only had to stand in it for an hour or so. again, thank you AAA!

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I have been tagged…

Here’s how you play….once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with ten random facts, habits, or goals about yourself. At the end, choose ten people to tag, listing their names and why you chose them; don’t forget to leave a comment on their page letting them know “tag you’re it”. You cannot tag the original people/person back that tagged you first, but let them know when you have posted so they can read your blog.

thank you racheal! so i was tagged in a round about way, rach is a good friend from college who tagged me from myspace, should i be embaressed that i have a myspace? well here goes with the ten things…

#1 this winter i am applying for grad school at Trinity College in Hartford for a masters in American Studies

#2 so excited that i have kevin to support me with the grad school

#3 i have a re-occurring dream about a man with a nasty beard and a baby blue station wagon that wants to murder my family…

#4 my sister and i are closet britney spears fans

#5 one of my favorite things to do is have a glass of wine and read tabloids

#6 i really need to go to ireland

#7 wouldnt change where i live now

#8 secretly i have always wanted to drive my car really fast and rip off that persons door, you know the one who swings it complelty open on a narrow busy street

#9 i want the swamp fox on dvd

#10 i love every morning when i wake up next to the man i love:)

so not really sure if anyone will read this, if you have just consider yourself tagged!! Whoo Hoo for the Two day work week!

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So last night, Kevin and i were watching the web cast of the Dave show from West Point..very cool by the way, and i broke the cardinal rule of visiting Vegas. Don’t all the commercials and people who go have an undiscussed understanding that whatever happens there stays there. i am now admitting that i have broken that cardinal rule, i must ask forgiveness from the five other people who went to Vegas with me. Rach, Al, Mags, Amy and Jess, i am so sorry for telling the love of my life that we all became honorary M&Ms. Kevin was eating his last night and enjoying them so much, that it slipped out that we all went through the training. and after i told him that he looked me square in the eye and said “i love you” so for purely selfish reasons i do not feel guilty about divulging our little secret. Thank God Its Friday!!!

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Pictures from dad!!

my birthday dinner

Thats a picture my dad took at dinner last friday, thats my boy, i can still make my sister sick to her stomach when i talk about our relationship…awww. he says he knows me well enough to have the “ring in the bag” thats a quote, how should i take that? he also said something last night at dinner that made me a bit confused. Nick was trying to ‘out-taco’ kevin and called him mrs. sanford. kevin said i am not mrs. sanford, jen is. i looked at my finger and said no i am not…at least not yet! and then kevin said something along the lines of not being nervous about that at all, and it was weird but weird in a good way. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???? sometimes i just dont get it.

We did have a good meeting with the school though and kevin was so excited he was in between crying and calling his brother and his dad and just so excited to gloat about how well nick is doing. it is awesome to see that and also be apart of that, i certainly cannot wait to see even more accomplishments, i get butterflys thinking about it!

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As i check all the important entertainment news while i eat my salad i have come across a story that just warms my heart. the world will be a better place now that paris has turned her attention to saving drunk elephants, hum, here is her quote “”The elephants get drunk all the time. It is becoming really dangerous. We need to stop making alcohol available to them,” the 26-year-old socialite was quoted as saying by the World Entertainment News Network’s Web site. Thank god someone is finally addressing this issue, forget about Rawanda paris…your heart is with helping the drunk elephants! That is probably too harsh, i am sure she has good intentions, but could you just imagine how much good someone with her income and influence could really make? well thats my lunch time. back to the real world, we had a school meeting today about nick and his learning progress…i am acting like a proud parent now…he is recieving all b’s in his classes and is enthusiastic to a point of needing to be reminded to raise his hand. now i wasnt in the picture last year but from what i have been told he has never done that well in school nor has he been excited about it before. awww way to go nick! plus the best news of all, the special ed teacher said he does not need to be in special ed classes or labled with a learning diability! WHOO HOOO he is wicked smart, we just need to somehow build his confidence in that! so all in all that is a good day, Kevin was really worried about the meeting confronting the mom and all, she gave me a lovely eye roll. i have no intention of replacing her, or think that i am  a better person than her, but i get the feeling that she is thinking that i think that…very interesting.

so have you ever been listening to someone from work and just had the thought, that “dear god he needs to stop talking” i just had that experience, i feel somewhat bad because he is a great guy who is very good at what he does, but i can only take small doses and he has overstayed his welcome…

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GReat Weekend!!

i tried to write great like tony the tiger would say it, i don’t think it came through though. what a great weekend it was though, kevin and i have a beautiful dinner with my parents in mystic, then a nice quiet night at home, nick was at his moms. it is different when he is not there, kevin and i both really couldn’t imagine what it would be like if kevin still only had nick on weekends, very odd! i was thinking about something Molly wrote, she mentioned getting up before your boyfriend to get somewhat pretty yet still look like you just got out of bed, i had to laugh, i don’t think i ever had that attitude with kevin, sure i love to look nice for him, but he gets up way to early for me to even consider looking great but not trying to, her next comment was great about the robe, i have something very similar, its the last super sized sweatshirt, that when i first got it, couldn’t zip it up, now i am pretty sure that i could fit me and kevin in the sweatshirt…still don’t have the heart to throw it away! saturday we went to the Equine Fair at the Big E, very cool. all things horsey! i miss riding so much and i know kevin sees it too, it was all his idea, he is just the best. on the way back we stopped at b dubs!! a  place for wings right out of my past, the boys loved it because the place was surrounded with big screen tvs all playing various football games…sensory overload! Sunday was laundry and grocery shopping day, oh how exciting! but i did get my birthday canoli ohhh hallie i am telling you, you need one from Giovanni’s! i was able to talk to my good friend mandi, really the only person i talk to from high school, sure there are a few emails to others but not really, maybe i am really getting old. but i did move a million miles away from where i grew up so that may have something to do with it. but thinking about that, i couldn’t imagine still living back in Michigan, so many wonderful things have happened out here, i wouldn’t change them for the world, life is good!

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