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Just a short letter…

to the crack head upstairs….

Dear Crack Head,

yes you heard me…crack head! dustins mom told us all about your sordid activities the last time you lived in the building. now i am all for giving people second chances and if you have struggled through rehab and are really on the up and up, i give you credit. however, as much of a dog lover that i am, i cannot tolerate your poodle barking. all. night. long! the constant pacing during the other night was tolerable and i am sure nessacarry if you are so paranoid about the cops, or that shady dealer who you shorted last week smashing down your door. heck i would pick the pacing over the barking dog. if you havent noticed, there are families that live here, we all have young kids, jobs, responsiblities…all that require sleep, more than fifteen minutes of it to be precise. now i am not a mean spirited person, i do not like to see people in trouble, however when it comes between me and my sleep and the happy, peacfull sleep of the people around me, i take action. hate to let you know, i was not the only person who called the leasing office about you and by the way they have it in writing as well.

sincerely, sleep deprived downstairs.

p. s. as much as i appreciate scary people with lots of bling, the first time i see one unsavory character, there will be more written complaints…if not visits by the authorities.

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