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friday five…

or the five things graduate students do when the campus is under lockdown because some nut job robbed a mcdonalds, drove his truck to the woody patch on/near campus, shot at cops, and then shot himself…

1. respond to the school calling/emailing/texting about the lock down with a yes, meaning you are in fact okay.

2. become very aware of all the windows that are in the classroom paying particular attention to the large size and where they are facing, close the blinds on said windows and try to forget about it…snipers…NOT COOL…

3. shove all thoughts of virginia tech out of ones mind and instead be grateful the professor brought good food to class and there are numerous bathrooms, all of which work.

4. try to get through a lecture on disney and everything that it encompasses while receiving updates about the swat team now on campus and hearing the state helicopter overhead-which is equipped with infrared cameras…

5. halfway through class, while still getting updates, get creative with your google searches pulling up pictures of the hamburgerler, making posts on facebook, and catching up the yankees game. eventually move on clips on youtube (hitler wanting to go to disney, monty python) and episodes of modern family on hulu.

needless to say it was an interesting night at class. i am thankful that we live in a world with instant communication and immense amounts of entertainment right at our fingertips…otherwise i could have been a panicky mess!


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oh what an afternoon! i have refrenced my hate for lying before and yet it continues on and on. we picked up the boy from his grandfathers this afternoon, and when we got home, dustins mom came out in the hall way. apperntly when she was in 7 eleven with dustin, a woman came up to her and said “oh is this your son, well he and his friend (ahem NICK) have been mooning everyone on willard ave” oh and by the way the other one, not dustin, has been seen peeing in front of the apartment building” REally? nick was slightly behind us at this point and didnt hear what was being said, she added that nick was exposing himself out his bedroom window to dustin as well. not sure about that last part. so kevin confronted nick about it, and he lied right to his face. now i was proud of kevin for not blowing up, he very calmly told nick that lying is not acceptable and that this split personality thing has got to stop. we know that nick wants to act one way around us, the way we expect him to, but then he goes to school or his moms and he is a little punk, kevin told him that and i think it is starting to strike a chord, well i can only hope. i have a hard time living with liers. tomorrow is also conferences! who hoo! as far as the exposing thing goes, i guess boys will be boys, i am sure there are numerous articles out there about the early development of boys and how being curious and blah blah blah are all acceptable, but i am not a psychology major and ask for very few things 1. don’t lie and 2. be a good person. not to tough right? everything else is great, i went grocery shopping again, because munchie mcsnakerson struck sunday night and monday night and ate all the sandwich stuff and all the other lunch stuff. but he is still great! happy hump day!

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