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driving pet peeves…

i have to admit that i have many pet peeves, most of which bother me during their brief appearance then go away. this afternoon while i was driving home from work, a particular pet peeve occurred and i found myself getting really irritated by the driver in front of me. i hate…absolutely hate…when someone speeds up to pass me, then cuts me off and stops right in front of me at the same. red. light. this afternoon it was a gold honda civic with some cool vanity plate that i cannot reveal in order to keep some anonymity. but i found myself cursing this honda civic driver and really wanting to shout out at him that his speeding up to pass and then cut me off really got him far. as we were sitting at said red light, and my angry eyes were boring into the back of the drivers head, something happened, something that made me realize that “mister i am too cool to drive the speed limit and have to pass people who are actually only five miles over the speed limit only to wait at the same red light” was not as cool as he thinks he is. ladies and gentleman, as i sat with my angry eyes suppressing the urge to at least flip him off, the driver of the gold honda civic with the vanity plate picked. his. nose. and then ATE it. my initial reaction was to ask if he picked a winner, i noticed the anger that was brewing in the pit of my stomach disappear only to be replaced with the desire to laugh hysterically. perhaps this pet peeve has been cured?

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  • it is kevins birthday today! i made cupcakes last night and am really excited for this work day to end so i can spend time with my honey, because he is the best any girl could ask for!
  • in less than one week my best friend from michigan will be here, we have a whole array of exciting things planned including but not limited to a baseball game at legends field, dropping a middle schooler off at school and perhaps a tour of the bustling metropolis of newington.
  • but then we get to go to boston…and see dave matthews…at fenway park!
  • after a few harrowing weeks of checking my email over and over then receiving panicked emails from classmates about how the professor did not receive the final paper that was due May 10th i had to send off a panicked email myself, and found out this morning and i quote “the paper was great! A-” he apologized for not sending a confirmation that he had gotten it and he promised to send comments later on. not that i was loosing entire nights of sleep over this…but still
  • the four robins that were nested outside of my co-workers window have all flown the nest, i never thought that process was so quick, the last one kinda lingered for a day or so and while another co-worker and i watched kinda urging it to take the leap, i made the comment ‘if it doesn’t work out you can always move back home!’ to which my co-worker busts out laughing (he is an older gentleman with experience in that area…)

Heres to wishing everyone a safe and happy long weekend!! bring on the summer!

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so i found a list of little things on another website and it was titled GiST. i did a little digging to find that stood for Grace In Small Things. i think it is a great idea and figured it would be good to have those things in writing.

1. the baby robins outside my co-workers window are thriving, they have their eyes open and more feathers.

2. the weather is becoming absolutely gorgeous and there is a prospect of sitting at nicks game tomorrow night not in the rain.

3. nick made the travel team he tried out for which means lots of baseball for the next couple of months-i couldn’t be prouder that he pulled it off!

4. in just over a week, my best friend from college will be here, the east coast, at my house. then we will go to see dave at fenway. i CANNOT wait!

5. there were nice people at the laundry mat who held the door for me when i was carrying in insane amounts of laundry.

6. hobbes because, well he is just so damn cute

7. falling asleep next to kevin while listening to the game on the radio

8. having a sense of security

9. knowing my sister will be just fine even though she did tell the state of new jersey to go suck it! i am so proud of her!

10. support from my family for anything we do

Happy Hump Day!

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last week nick was on a school trip to williamsburg and washington d.c. we have known about this trip for years now (how crazy i am talking in years) and don’t think i didn’t try every trick in the book to be a chaperon, but alas, it was not to be. we dropped him off at six in the morning monday and picked him up friday evening. he was EXHAUSTED. the conversation went something like this…

dad- “how was the trip nickerbocker?”


dad-“who was that girl you hugged when you got off the bus?”

nick-“jenna, my girlfriend”

dad-“you got a girlfriend from the trip?!? how did you do that?”

nick-“just by walking around with her dad, its not hard…”

awww our little Casanova! before the trip we ran into some difficulty with nick doing his chores, if anyone remembers they need to be done in order for nick to keep his phone/help pay the bill, so if they are not done by friday, he looses his phone and still has to do the chores but does not get paid, the whole thing is becoming very complicated we may have to start issuing receipt’s and time cards. well before nick left his dad was upset about the condition of his room, in particular, the mass amount of gum wrappers strewn across the floor to which kevin said this…

“if you don’t pick up your room fine, but when you grow up you will be living in a closet… full of gum wrappers!”

my tongue was BLEEDING after that comment and is an all time classic in my book. the one exchange that really floored me though was when we were driving back from somewhere talking about the t.v series friends. nick is completely addicted to the show and watches it religiously on his dvd player. somehow the subject of marriage came up and nick realized that his dad and i getting married would make the third marriage for his dad, to which nick said (rather innocently)

“that makes you just like ross!”

i couldn’t bite my tongue that time, i had to laugh. at first nick didn’t understand why i was laughing, but then realized that he had just ‘dissed’ his dad. that was the term he used when he said; ‘ohh i just dissed you dad.’

or the time that mary was here for easter. nick, kevin, mary, and i were in the car coming back from picking up the pizza and we drove past a gas station that we (mary and i) had taken nick to over christmas to get some combos. nick pointed it out and said

“mary! thats the gas station we went to and i got condoms”

immediate eight shades of red for both nick and my sister! i don’t think i have ever seen either of them laugh or be as embarrassed then after that comment. needless to say, last week was rather quite and its just good to have all the boys back!

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i have been in a weird place this past week, not a bad place or a good place, just weird. i have had vivid dreams about people i haven’t seen or spoken to in years and terrifying nightmares about the people closest to me now. i have had intense attacks of ‘the crazy’ and only now i feel as if i have come out of it. i am not sure if its a combination of the funk, hormones, and changes but i don’t want to go through that again. many, many moons ago i would have handled the situation completely different with dire consequences but i do think (thank god and all that is holy) that is also behind me. so instead of the dire consequences, i just go to the weird place, have an attack of the crazy, and hope to come out on the other side unscathed and smelling of roses or something else pleasant.

i did find this meme at Kcinnovas World and figured it was a great one to do so here goes:

What is your current obsession? figuring out what to do with my free time, school is done, no more looming papers or articles to read. Summer breaks are nothing new but i haven’t had one in a while…i am thinking of making books again

Good coffee place? the little huts in random parking lots all over washington state.

Do you nap a lot? i haven’t had a nap in forever it seems, but it is so blustery today that perhaps a nap is in order…not at my desk though.

What part of your body hurts the most? i hate to admit it, but i would have to say my hands, i don’t know if its arthritis or carpal tunnel but there are mornings when i wake up and my hands a stuck in a hook like position that reminds of the captain…i am not ready to submit to either the pain or a diagnosis so currently i am in the denial phase…so really no part of my body hurts! (denial is not just a river in egypt people)

Who was the last person you hugged? my fiance

What’s for dinner? oh crap…nick has been away on a school field trip and i have been slacking in the cooking dinner department, i have no idea…it could be hot dogs again for all i know, i didn’t get anything out of the freezer

What are you listening to right now? school buses parking

What is your favourite weather? any fall day with sun, clouds, and vibrant leaves.

What’s on your bedside table? dust, a depression glass bowl with some jewelry in it, my cursed alarm clock, phone charger, an icon, an old grocery list, dried flowers nick picked for me from mount st. helen and more dust.

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be ? i am not really sure, i know it would need to be near water, but that really doesn’t narrow it down now does it?

What is the last song you listened to? if i had it all by dave matthews band…14 more days till mags!!16 more till dave and fenway…!!!

Favourite vacation spot? as cheesey as it sounds anywhere with the people i love

What is something you’d like to do in the next 6 months? get married, most likely on a boat with my parents, kevin parents, mary and her boyfriend, nick and my grandmother.

What would you like to get rid of? chin hair, I HATE it!

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?  i cant think of any place that i could only spend an hour at…

What did you want to become as a child? a large animal vet, preferably one that worked with horses in Kentucky

What do you miss? my sister

What are you reading right now? Angles and Demons

What do you fear the most? i am going to have to steal Kcinnovas answer and say loved ones, i couldn’t even imagine anyone close to me being lost, it would be like taking away my air

What designer piece of clothing would you most like to own (new or vintage)? a pair of Manolo blanhik strappy sandles (not very original but…)

What did you last watch on television? rachel maddow

Are all the answers you gave on this meme true? of course!

ps. hobbes is an internet hit now, you can check him out at Leave Happier

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its the month of may and this month my magnificent friend maggie is making her way from michigan to visit me! she has never been to the east coast and we are going to see dave at fenway!

my classes are done, the papers turned in excuse me while i pat myself on the back on the back…

now its on to marriage plans, it may be sooner than later!

here is mags and me at my friend rachels wedding…we both look a bit different now! HPIM0311

and as a p.s please send bad ju-ju vibes to the state of new jersey…they are royally screwing my marvelous sister mary!

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