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Why now?

i do something every morning that i have never consistently done in my life, yet now its almost natural, i dont even think about doing it. every morning i make the bed. it is something that i have never be required to do, its not something we ask nick to do, so i am not setting an example, for the longest time i always thought it was a waste of time, considering i was just going to mess it up 12 hours or so later. so why now? i have lived with people before and never thought to make the bed, but this time it is something that i just do. what is it that makes these little changes in us? and why is it that now i just want to be at home, i always used to feel as if i were missing something if i wasnt out and about, but now i am perfectly content to just stay home. we did go to a christmas i am sorry holiday party last night for my work, and although i like my coworkers and enjoy spending time with them, the best part of the evening was being there with kevin, and having his hand on the small of my back when we would enter a room, i could feel his confidence and he didnt even know any of these people. every once in a while he would kiss my forehead like we were the only ones in the room but everyone can see it, even one of the most jaded people i have ever met asked me about him this morning and could even see me blushing this morning as if i had just started dating kevin, which i think is the best part, i still get butterflies knowing that i can leave work and go home to him. awww the mush!

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