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friday fotos…

just a few pics, we went to the carousel in bushnell park and i just love horses and old music and the sun was gorgeous, these are actually from jens day in may, but seeing how i have little to no time to post any of these i decided to share them today! have a great weekend!


this was my valiant steed


and this one was just cool! they are all over one hundred years old and hand carved, and have real tails! they only compare to the very awesome horses up at watch hill:

i am such a horse nerd, not that i didn’t already know that, too bad i do not have any pictures of my horse rusty, who, sadly is probably glue and dog food by now (i have to thank my best friend mags for always reminding me that’s what would happen to him) i hate the thought of some kindergartner eating him while trying to glue dry pasta in the shape of their favorite letter…but that’s the circle of life right? Happy Friday!

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