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i hate axe spray. not even in small doses does it smell good and the whole idea that it “attracts” women is completely off! Nick on the other hand, LOVES IT! he is convinced that not only does he smell good, but the girls will come running. i do not have the heart to tell him that if he smells like an old man, and the girls can taste him coming before they see him, will make them run…but in the opposite direction. i find it fascinating that commercials have such an impact on life in general, but then again that just means that someone in the marketing department is doing their job, because my 11 year old truly believes that if he bathes himself in that stinky aerosol, old man smelling, bad tasting “Vice” spray that he will have all the ladies. i remember once when a school trip at my old job had axe spray down below and set off the fire alarms! what does that tell you about the spray? i think i am going to have to re phrase how i tell him that girls really don’t like when guys smell that strongly, or the spray may mysteriously disappear…

so after that rant, i was reading Hallies blog and found her free association thing and wanted to try it, mind you my mind is still cloudy from the spray…but i will do my best.

  1. Mist :: body spray
  2. Eating :: bad habit
  3. Beacon :: headlight
  4. Speaker :: boring
  5. Episodes :: britney spears
  6. Conference :: speaker phones
  7. Sneak attack :: weather
  8. Medic :: ex boyfriend
  9. Web :: information
  10. 2008 :: endless possibilities

and thats all i got, my office is incredibly stuffy and my concentration is waning…time for a nap!

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