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its the weekend already?!? i swear i just went to bed on tuesday night! nicks last day of school, followed by lots of all star practice and somewhere in between we went to work, got a new glove, cleats and i have been trying to figure out the clusterfuck that is the finance office. i have narrowed down the piles to manageable sizes. i do however have about four file folders that are simply labeled with a ? no joke. the majority of our finance stuff is outsourced, so when i first met the lady on the other end i thought she was a bit, um, abrasive? and if i had to hear about palm trees one more time, well i was going to have to scream. needless to say i feel very very guilty about my negative first impression and all my not so nice thoughts i have shared with kevin because she has been so very very helpful. i am not sure if its because she thought so less of the person before me, or if she just likes me, but she has explained more to me and given me some of the most nicest comments, i have to say i am really sorry for thinking negative about her. 

on the subject of comments, i was talking to dustins mom the other day (still have no idea what her first name is) and it turns out that her sister used to work with nicks mom. they have had conversations about nick and his mom and about how “different” (i am trying to be nothing but positive now see above) there whole situation is. at that point i was reminded of just how small this area is. anywho, dustins mom said that she sees nick with me and thinks that i just work the world for him, she says she can tell he just adores me and is always with me and she concluded with “i certainly hope they did something nice or huge for you on mothers day because you are the first person who treats him the way a mother should” she also added that i must love kevin an awful lot to be here. she is right with that one! but to have someone who i don’t talk to all the time and don’t even realize half the time that she can see whats going on is a pretty good feeling. every once in awhile it is nice to get a reality check like that.

so today is the last day to spend with nick before he goes to camp, its just a parks and rec camp at his middle school, but he is super excited. unfortunately i have loads o work to do, so we are going to work for a few hours sometime today. he is actually excited about that, he wants to meet gillian, yesterday he goes “will gillian be there?” of course i said, “can i meet her?” sure not a problem “will she be funny?” at which i had to laugh, i cant make that guarantee but gillian if you read this before i come in, expect nick to think  you to be one walking jokester. ps i did show him the you tube video of batman on drugs…he thought it was hilarious! so much so that we found the incredible hulk on drugs, storm troopers on drugs and then went into watching various michael jackson and weird al videos.

looking forward to the weekend, although it feels like it was just here!!

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