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Flem,Football and Funk…

First off i have to say that anyone who thought that grounding a child was punishment for the child and not the adult was WRONG! i was never grounded as a child, my parents didn’t believe in it. They would just yell and instill the fear of God in me then it would be over and we could move on. I don’t think that would work in todays world. So instead for the i don’t even remember how many detentions he earned last week and the going to the social when he was told he couldn’t, we denied tv and play station for the whole weekend. Friday night wasn’t too bad, Saturday morning SUCKED! not only could he not find anything to do, he spend the majority of the day complaining about how terrible and boring his life is, then we went to the grocery store (outside privileges had been revoked as well) not bad, it was more to get him out of the house so dad could pass out on the couch (thats the flem part of the story…three words Death.Warmed.Over) afterwards we had dinner which at first he wasn’t interested in but then ate when he realized that dad was not going to make something else. (thats teamwork right there!) that evening because dad was sick and i was not the best we caved and allowed one hour of tv, but it was a movie of our choice. Sunday was good, with good behavior all day we allowed the watching of the colts vs pats game. Nick is a huge pats fan, kevin is a Dallas fan, i have no loyalties when it comes to professional football, i painted my toe nails! i just have one question…What is that FUNK of a smell the emanates from boys rooms? i noticed it first in college, i thought it had something to do with grown boys and not showering, but we haven’t even gone through puberty yet and theres the FUNK. he has at times had extreme cases of swamp ass, but i didn’t think that could linger long, there is no other way to describe it, it is FUNK.

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