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i hate snakes…

hate them! they way they slither, their beady little eyes and those forked tounges. my parents live way out in the boonies and when i was living there an anaconda (no joke) slithered between me and my car, i. flipped. out. ran back into the house and told my dad about it. in his very dad way he said “now jenny (he is the only person who can call me that) anacondas are not native to ct.” then he told me it was just a garter? snake and that it would be fine. i had to disagree and tell him that not only was it between me and my car, but now it KNEW where i was going. needless to say, it took more than a few minutes and tentative openings of the side door to build up the kahoonas to get to my car. but today i have to go to a science expo with millions of kids and demonstrate a snake. i like to try something new everyday, and feel its important to overcome my fears, but snakes? nick said he wanted a pet snake and i very calmly informed him that he could certainly have one, but i would never go in his room again. he thinks i am joking. i am not. i even have the best route worked out here at work so i NEVER have to walk by them, i know they are in tanks, but they send chills down my spine and make my toes curl. and not to be too extreme, i have seriously contemplated moving to ireland for the simple fact that they do not have snakes and i would never have to experience an anaconda coming between me and my car again. so wish me luck and call me the snake charmer because i am either going to swallow my fear and handle the damn thing in front of millions of kids, or you will all read about a crazy museum educator who flipped out and caused mass hysteria on the six o clock news. Happy Friday!!

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