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thursday thoughts…

  • my funk from yesterday is gone, i am convinced that i have an overly active imagination and every once in a while need a swift kick in the ass to bring me back to reality.
  • i haven’t heard from mags all week, i do hope she is alright.
  • i am slowly learning/accepting that raising a kid is defiantly a team effort and i am on the best team ever!
  • i have a morbid fascination with all this polygamy stuff going on, i just read an article about Centennial park in Arizona, reading about those families and especially about the wives make me know that i certainly do NOT know how to share.
  • we are now the proud owners of two fancy emeril frying pans, one skillet and one sauce pan, why on earth we haven’t just bought the set yet, is beyond me!
  • I am trying to grow herbs, i forgot to label them (sorry gillian) so i have three spouts, what looks like little chives and something else green, i know i do not have a green thumb most likely its brown and will become black very soon.
  • i do not know what to get kevin for his birthday, i know he wants a bonsai tree, but with my lack of gardening skill and little knowlege about those trees i am a little hesitant, maybe i should get him a fishing trip…
  • i thought this joke was funny, i went through my old emails yesterday

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