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So at the beginning of the school year, Kevin told nick that if he got all c’s or better, we would get him a PS3. Now i know what you all are thinking…shouldnt reward for good grades, i agree, i was NEVER rewarded for good grades it was just expected, but times have changed and people have changed and i have not been around this young one since he was born so i am all a bit new to the whole parental figure thing. Well long story short, Nick got all b’s! i think for the first time ever, super exciting! so now we are proud owners of a PS3, here is the thing i do not get. The PS3 also plays blue ray movies, whats the difference you ask? THERe is NONE! we just watched oceans 13 and neither brad nor george had a healthy skin tone and i KNOW they do! so i dont understand what the big deal is. I really think that the “better picture” theroy is just a big consipricy to have gadget geeks keep buying more and more things, so when you have say two out of three for a combination of an amazing picture, becuase you didnt have that $100 cable to connect them, eh well then you just cant enjoy the “full experience” now i refuse to categorize this as a ‘guy thing’ because i am just as much into gadgets as the next guy, however, i just dont get what the big difference is between blue ray and regular dvd. if we had kept our regular dvd player plugged in, not only would brad and george have natural skin tones, i could figure out how to watch a dvd without using the PS3 controller in order to play the movie.

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