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thursday thoughts…

i wake up around 6:30 every morning to take hobbes out and start our day. usually the walk consists of a lap or so around the building and a greet to at least one of our neighbors. this morning was not much different except for when i saw the tow truck pull into the parking lot. my first thought was it must be turning around but then my brain went into overdrive…

crap they are going to tow my new car because it is not listed on the lease yet‘  followed closely by ‘damn they figured out that kevins car is not registered and we have three with only a two bedroom apartment‘ and concluded with ‘i guess they are not aiming for our cars, i wonder whose car is being re-poed!’

is it the guilty catholic conscience i was born with? or a guilty pleasure of seeing someone else’s car towed at 6:30 in the morning.

almost simultaneously a HAZMAT truck pulled into our parking lot. to which my first-very morbid thought i might add-was ‘which murder scene are they cleaning up now?‘ but then i reminded myself that the last time the HAZMAT truck was in our parking lot it was proceeded by many other large crime scene investigation trucks and we were not allowed to leave for an insane amount of time.

after all that excitement, i fed the boys breakfast and started to get myself ready for work. usually i already have an idea of what i am going to wear, but not this morning. it was one of those days when  you stand in front of the closet wrapped in your towel thinking ‘i HATE everything that is hanging in front of me‘ followed by the overwhelming urge to put on  your comfy pants and over-sized sweatshirt and call it a day.

i scrounged together something resembling a work type outfit and called it a day, but not before i made the comment to kevin that i hated everything i  own and he responded with ‘ i know baby, we will fix that, i promise, i totally understand its one of those days where you don’t like anything and don’t feel pretty and nothing looks good, but you are pretty and i promise we will fix it.‘ he read my mind and made my day. god i love that guy!

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WWC #76

I couldn’t resist, tink has posted the weekly word challenge the word is diamond and the number is 1. this just goes without saying i guess.

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my parents started me in school when i was four, which meant i was always the youngest in the class. in fact my entire life i have always had older friends and it is just fine. when everyone in seventh grade all turned 13, i was excited that i had just turned 12 and when i turned 13 in 8th grade my mother got me a t-shirt that said “13; A Teenager At Last!” i think i wore the shirt once considering that it was a size too small and i found it incredibly embarrassing. but its the thought that counts right? Right.

well in less than two days, our nick will be turning 13 and i find myself fighting the urge to get him the same t-shirt. of course i wont, i do everything, and i do mean EVERYTHING, to save him from any type of embarrassment. instead he is making out with an xbox 360 a yankees hat and a bunch of other fun things that i think nick may only appreciate. but its not about the things it, at least for me, is more about the small, functional, family unit we have made in our little apartment. i wasn’t there when his life started, and i wasn’t there for the first words or first steps, but i have been there for the first serious (as serious as 7th grade can be) girlfriend, first game on the big baseball field, his first pull up, first year of school getting all A’s and B’s and only one tardy and one detention and numerous other everyday little things that are shaping him into a wonderful young man.

gone now are the tweener attitudes, we get teen-attitudes now. gone also are the times when he sings “smack that” and i cant quite think there is any innocence there anymore. his future is bright and i know he has a safe, soft place to fall, because that is what i can do for the scrawny 10 year old i met three years ago while we played catch in the backyard. he is no longer scrawny and has a cannon for an arm. it is amazing how much can change in just a few short years and i am so excited to see what the future has for him.


Happy Birthday Nick!!

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i am truly touched and ultimately humbled by what mandy had to say.

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