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Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Save a turkey…eat chicken!!

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time really does fly…

so it was just yesterday, right? when we had our engagement party and my papers were just being started, but were not due for a really long time, right? WRONG! thanksgiving is in two days…then christmas…papers due oh i don’t know…NOW! felling a bit of pressure, but no biggie.

the other day i was helping nick with his homework. his class was answering questions about classified adds. one add in particular was about a baby grand piano. the question nick had to ask was “why do you think this person wants to get rid of their baby grand piano?” nicks response; “uh…because the guy doesn’t have a baby.” i had to laugh, not at nick but at the pure innocence in the answer itself. i explained what one was and told him not to change his answer. now we are working on the “eggsperiment” eggs in vinegar…yum!

last night in class i was talking to a classmate about our undergraduate experiences. the head of our history department was affectionately known as stinky man. i cannot put into words how bad this gentleman smelled. we could tell he taught a morning class in the evening because his scent lingered for that long. disgusting. well i had to turn in my senior thesis to him and after i had explained to my classmate the unbearable stench and the dread of having to sit in his office for more than two seconds, she makes a comment “yeah like, please cant i just email this to you.” i laughed it off and said yeah right then realized that emailing a paper was not an option when i was in undergrad…has it really been that long?

kevin and i have found a place to get married, and i think we may even have a date. we have decided to tell my parents we will be paying for the majority of the wedding, if they want to help that is great, however we are not expecting that. but as far as anything else goes with wedding planning, i realize i have no clue!

i would just like to put a apb out to all woodland creatures with a death wish. STOP RUNNING INTO MY CAR!  i was born guilty therefore the amount of guilt i feel after hitting something that wanted to die, makes me feel worse! the bambi i hit the other night probably died a slow cold death considering it ran head first into the side of my car and probably got a concussion and a few broken bones. oh and this was in town! this would be the third deer i have hit, and let me tell the rest of you, none will be that fortunate any longer! this also applies to rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, opossum’s, chipmunks, turkeys, birds, snakes and cats (all of which i have hit) i will no longer brake-this is due to the stress caused and the slight coronaries that i no longer want to experience.

and because thanksgiving is just around the corner:

i am thankfull that kevin is so understanding, that i make a difference in nicks life, that my family is supportive, and that my car is still running. i wish everyone a healthy and happy thanksgiving!

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a lot of people say that my sister and i look a lot alike….

hpim0893i am not sure…

but i do miss her!!!!

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any and all…

advice would be greatly appreciated. this weekend i purchased my first bridal magazine. i was excited, i love any magazine that is loaded with pictures and the size of a phone book. but then i became a bit disappointed, almost offended. i would like to tell the wedding industrial complex that they cannot pigeon hole every single bride into four distinct categories the all have their very own traits that cannot possibly apply to a different category. i took the “what kind of bride are you?” quiz, and i FAILED. it was multiple choice and none of the answers i could even stretch with reason to try and make it work for me.*


*ok so i wrote that a few weeks ago, i am over trying to fit into a category, but i have also matured more considering i just turned 30 and i have more pressing matters, such as grad school final papers…can you hear the ominous music in the background?

my first paper was due at the end of October. just a brief essay on an article read for class, no problem except i haven’t written anything in years for a grade. well i figured we would get those papers back rather soon, that way i could gauge what i needed to improve upon. no. such. luck. not only have i not gotten that paper back, i am now cursed with dreams about getting bleeding papers back with failing grades and pictures of my professors laughing me out of grad school. rather disturbing if you ask me. so tonight i will try to pull the classic all night-er, pull a paper about culture and comic books in post world war II in a format that i can present tomorrow, and turn in at least a few pages of what the actual paper will include. the saving grace? it can be an outline, wont have to site too much on an abstract, and then i have until december. but hello december is right around the corner. have you started your christmas shopping yet?

so to make myself feel better, heres a cool picture:

img_0282it almost looks like she is floating!

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the big 3-0…

its coming, this sunday i will see a birthday that i never thought i would see. don’t know why really, i was always convinced that once i turned 18, the world would end…well it didn’t, then i was convinced that as soon as i graduated college, i would cease to exists…again no go! and now i am turning 30. and i am really alright with that. just the past five years have been huge for me so i would like to think back. 

five years ago in early october my parents and i moved from kalamazoo michigan to north stonington connecticut. a bit of a culture shock, but i was in such a bad state i cannot remember the actual move. i wasn’t drugged or anything, but i was certainly out of it and to this day cannot remember a thing. that christmas i got sick…and had to find a new doctor, he asked me if i had ever tried to loose weight. now this i remember like it was yesterday because i broke down in tears and said “do you think i like looking like this? of course!!  i have tried everything!” and i started to list everything from weight watchers to atkins to prescribed medications to some not so prescribed things.

and that’s when the he simply suggested surgery. well that was a no brain-er for me sign me up! my dad was terrified-as i am sure most dads would be and my mom was supportive. but before that could happen i got sick again…in the hospital with another pulmonary embolism…which pushed the surgery back six months. to this day no one can tell me why i got those repeatedly.

well in between getting sick and scheduling the surgery, i got two jobs, one with special people and one at mystic seaport. the special people were great, but the job at mystic really made me realize just how much of a passion i have for history and i finally made up my mind of what i wanted to do for the rest of my life…be surrounded by old things! so now i was going for surgery and wanted my masters.

fast forward to july and i had my surgery, i went from this:
hpim0080         to this:

hpim0416in a little over a year, with major complications and all. but my whole outlook on life has completely changed from then on the things i began to realize seemed to me to be things that i could really accomplish. and now, i am in grad school, have a little family of my own and on my way to getting married. in just five years.

i am really excited to see what will happen in the next five years…i do know now that world is not going to end!!



p.s i have an aunt who is a nun and i always told her if i wasn’t married by the age of 35 (never thought i would get there…) that i would become a nun. sorry aunt rita! i hope that doesn’t count as a lie???

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i cannot say how special our day was, i am not that great with words. i do have to say that it meant so much to be surrounded by friends and family in such a great place. here are a few pictures from the evening:


our really really pretty flowers, thanks mom!


the four of us…


i had that smile all night long, in fact it is days later and my cheeks are still a bit sore, but i just couldn’t help it!


so my mom did have a friend of a friend who is a professional photographer (haven’t seen anything yet for the newspaper back home…) who at one point in the evening decided to take this picture, however no one told me about it. i was startled when i felt someone tugging on my finger and quickly turned around to find my mom going “i didn’t want to interrupt you, but can we get a picture?” huh followed by sure followed closely by me seeing the photographer on the other side of the room and me with no ring on and turning to my mom going “may i have my ring back now…???…”

and because my mom is my mom and even though i made kevin promise that there would be no mention of the pending birthday;

dsc_0063i had a cake, everyone sing to me, boas, a crown and re-lighting candles: this is me snuffing out the candles because i do not mess around! so i had to share with mary…

dsc_0065and my moms excuse? “well this was the only time we would have everyone together” so i understand. our evening was capped off by going to the casino, where we lost money and my aunt the nun was pick pocketed (that guy is going to burn!) and returned to the house super late, when kevin and i realized we hadnt eaten since lunch…

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