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just call me a worry wort…

so after no sleep on tuesday night, and a very very stressful day at work, i had to face my first day of class (can you hear the ominous music in the background) my afternoon was spent picking nick up from school, helping him with his homework, doing laundry and making dinner. nick had practice at 5:30 and i had to be at trinity at six. his homework-not so painful. dinner-eaten in a rush. dropped off for practice-on time. my drive downtown included a stop for gas because i was just running on fumes and did not want to run out in the very very scary neighborhood i drive through. 15 minutes to get to class, i was able to find a parking spot then got the first person i saw attention and asked where McCook was. he was very helpful and it turns out i was able to read the online campus map and park relativity close. as i was walking up to the building, i met a fellow classmate (side note, this classmate is working on her uncles world war II journal which equals new best friend) we found the classroom and chatted a bit, she too had no idea what books we were supposed to have or what to expect from the class. as we all sat down around a large table, no one and i have to repeat this because it was one of my biggest fears, no one busted out a lap top. i was convinced i was going to have a legally blonde experience. our professor-very cool. the rest of the class-amazing mix of people, including a world war II vet who grew up in detroit and has already fulfilled the requirements for his masters but as he put it “too lazy to do a thesis” lots of paper handed out and lots of great discussion. our professor had even printed and bound all the articles he wants read for the course. major bonus! and the scheduled three hour class is really only two hours because in the words of my professor “no one can do this for three hours straight, and i know my attention span is shorter now than when i was three” holy crap that was way to easy! and by the way i am really really going to grad school!

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is it time to freak out yet?

so whenever i start something new i have these crazy dreams of being at school naked, or not knowing where my class is, or not having any of the gagillion assignments done beforehand. i wake up a bit disturbed but relax knowing it was just a dream. NOT. ANYMORE. i have known that my approach to american studies starts next monday, but then i began to think about my weds. night class. hum i thought “self, i do not think all grad classes start next week, probably only missed the monday one because that was on a holiday” since i hadn’t received anything from the professor, or seen it on black board, i thought i hadn’t been signed up for the class, or, well i have no idea what else i thought. so i send a happy little email to my friends in the admissions office, hey am i really signed up for this class? and low and behold i am and i have class tomorrow night! i have no idea what books are needed, whats expected the first night or even where the class is at. i just got my i.d today-and in my defense its not all because i am a huge procrastinator, its because there is serious lack of communication on behalf of the school, lets just consider that i just found out i received my financial aid on FRIDAY and that was after numerous phone calls, emails, faxes, carrier pigeons, or as i like to see it, borderline stalker behavior. who ever said that dreams do come true was really digging but oh so right!

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why? because it is so great and warm out, well enough to wear my new shoes, i got to wear my outfit that works perfect, of course, its a great skirt, but yesterday while we were playing baseball i took a line drive off my shine, so not only do i have casper white legs, but now i have a great bulge on my shin that will only turn various shades of purple and yellow over the next few days. but damn my new shoes are cute and a hit in the office, i think i have instilled a little shoe envy. of course this being tuesday, my huffy coworker is back, first thing this morning was a great huff, she had spilled coffee down her shirt, whoops and i am so going to get struck by lightning because other people have noticed the huff, and i have laughed about it with them. i think i need to go to confession. or something. so i have decided that i really need to get into grad school, not only because i want my masters, but because i think i am becoming dumb, well maybe not dumb but i cannot think of any other way to put it, my tv schedule last night was yankee game, commercial break switch to drake and josh, switch back to the game, special interruption for a half hour of zoey 101, followed by the flip back to the yankee game, then intermittent flashes to some cartoon i have no idea what it is called and a basketball game that wasn’t on long enough for me to get involved. i need a new book or something and a big comfy chair that only has room for one, maybe one and a half that i can lounge in and read to my little heart is content. don’t get me wrong, i like watching baseball games, i could do without that drake and josh show, that one kid is just obnoxious and i am really not sure how i feel about nick having zoey 101 as “his show” because really, jamie lynn spears? am i really sounding old now or what, i never for a million years thought that i would at all think about what the real life actors of a kids show are doing outside of the show and what kind of impact it may or may not have on kids who watch the show, humm what is becoming of me? and another thing, is it weird that we scratch nicks back every night before he goes to bed? i am the preferred scratcher, just for the record (he will make deals with me to scratch him more than one night in a row) or is it even weirder that when he goes to his moms, he sleeps in her bed, he is 12. i know when i was 12, i couldn’t get enough of my own time, and i don’t think my parents EVER scratched me to sleep. but that in itself is where i get into trouble, i know i cannot compare my upbringing to what is going on in this situation. i know whats right and wrong, but beyond that, this is a whole new can of worms. but i am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason!

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