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ahh february break, a week off because well the week of christmas was just not quite enough right, why would we want to have kids in school for a whole entire  month? anywho, this past weekend, nick went with his mom…the beginning of the worry wart in me. first i worry if he will be alright, no scary scarring visits from the crazy man. next i worry if he will shower, brush his teeth, not jump off of anything to high and break a limb standard worries with an 11 year old. then i worry if he can sleep alright, if he is getting enough sleep, if he can fall asleep alright. but the worst worry is that he may come home and be so miserable because he is not with his mom and that he will just have such spite for me and me being here. in no way have i tried to or wanted to replace his mom, i am just jen. i spent all day yesterday worrying myself a new ulcer that it was urgent that i just get home. because not only do i worry about that, i also tend to start over-analyzing everything and developing these terrible scenarios in my head and how would i react to them and what would i do and of course that all snowballs into crap! i cannot even imagine what my blood pressure was yesterday. so as i am driving home, with all the terrible scenarios in my head and to the point of tears, i pulled into the parking lot, first good sign is the boys are home, well they haven’t up and left was my first thought. when i opened the door, nick was sitting on the edge of the futon, waiting, for me! with a huge smile and leap he was in my arms before i could close the door. at that point all the terrible thoughts and feelings and fears were gone, just one little act. god i love that kid. apparently he had been checking the window every five minutes from the time he had gotten home as well, something i found out later. so foolish jen had to put the worry wart away and remind herself that there really is something good here and all the thoughts and fears were really just a waste of time, well maybe not a waste of time but defiantly so not warranted. i think i should learn to worry about real concerns like global warming or something that is at least a little bit more rash. now that i have survived that, its time to watch the lunar eclipse, so cool. oh yeah and i was tagged by hallie with a neat little what are you reading meme, i thought it was cool and i am reading this great book so i thought i would go along, here are the rules: 

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).2. Open the book to page 123.3. Find the fifth sentence.4. Post the next three sentences.5. Tag five people.

so the nearest book that i am reading is called Czars: Russias Rulers for Over One Thousand Years 

by james P Duffy and Vincent L Ricci ( i thought i made it clear i was a history nerd…)

“A stubborn animosity born of centuries of hatred spilled from both sides as they argued first about where the negotiations would take place (the Russians finally prevailed and the meetings were opened in Moscow), then over which side had started the war. After months of stalemate, a Russian ultimatum forced the Lithuanians to submit a declaration of their proposed terms. Moscows delegation listened to the Lithuanian demands and then stormed out of the meeting in anger.” 


so i havent gotten to this part of the book, so i checked to see the time line…oh i see this was in 1536…so history really does repeat itself dosent it? and the last thing is to tag five people, well if i get five people to read this…consider yourself tagged and just let me know! 


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