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that’s right, i am packing up my infected kidneys, the two boys and we are headed to a beach house in milford. for a week. of doing absolutely nothing. i am going to wear my new bathing suite, sit in the sun, try not to get tan lines, read a book, drink some wine, eat good food and then repeat.

i will not think about work. will try not to miss the dog. and most likely not log into a computer. i think all of those activities may distract me from the primary goal of doing nothing.

i went to the doctor for a follow up yesterday, i only need to have my blood checked while on vacation, i told him my plan and that would interfere, but he didn’t appreciate it and told me to do it anyway. i guess he wins. but also at that doctors appointment i found out i weigh 162 now, i don’t ever think i made it this low before and here i was thinking a little higher and my  moms comment about not loosing any more weight because of the dress was really just a wasted comment because i didn’t think i was loosing weight at all. strange eh?

so here’s to gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, quality family time, warm weather, nice beach, no jelly fish, no sun burns, finishing my book and just being!


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so i haven’t felt all that great the past week or so, i decided to chalk it up to the monthly thing, it was out of whack anyway so i just figured it was something different. monday at work i started to really not feel good and when i got home i probably looked like death warmed over. i attempted to eat something, took more tylenol and went to nicks game. which by the third inning was called due to weather. we got home and i took more tylenol and went to bed. at 1 am i woke up in tears, it felt as if my lower back was going to explode at any moment and that i was carrying around a dagger in my right side. i like to think i have a high tolerance for pain-come on i was filleted for pete sake! kevin took me to the hospital, where they poke and prod and say does this hurt, to which i respond with ‘do you think i would be crying if it didn’t?’

they did tons of tests and gave me pain meds which finally allowed me to lay down on my back. kevin had to leave to get nick ready for camp and while he was gone all i could think about was that he would come back and find me in emergency surgery for something completely random, that thought was followed immediately by, ‘oh hell no, for the first time in my life i am excited to wear a swim suit…i WILL wear said swim suit’

eventually the tests came back and its the kidney infection from hell. alright i added the from hell part but i am sure there is some medical term for that. today i am feeling a bit better, i will attempt to go to work with out pain meds and get everything i need to get done before we take a week off for vacation, a vacation where i will be wearing my swim suit and sleeping on my back!

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fotos for friday….

five years ago…


a little over five weeks ago….


its been a lifetime and a half and its only been five years! but i am so lucky to have gone through everything to be where i am at today, i get to marry my best friend, help raise an amazing teen-ager, love my family more and more and shop in normal stores looking for bargains in single digit sizes.

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we bought a wedding ring last night….
the jp is taken care of…
the dress is almost ready…
and i am beginning to get REALLY excited…

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if  anyone has any experience playing sports, you know that parent. the parent that thinks their kid is gods gift to whichever sport is being played. the parent who sits off to the side of the other parents and has a brewing hate for the coaches and any parent whose child is playing more than their own kid. the parent who is vocally loud about all the coaches decisions and equally critical of every. single. play. why? because their kid could/would do things better.

i found myself having a spirited conversation with kevin last night about just that. nicks travel team has been doing pretty good, there are no standout players on the team and for the most part the team is evenly matched with their opponents. they tend to decide when they really want to start playing and the majority of things done on and off the field are laughed off or at. mostly because the coaches do not take things as seriously as perhaps they should at this level.

playoffs are coming up and instead of continuing with their (the coaches) willy nilly substitutions that they have been using all season, they decided to tell the players that they do not have to play all the team members. this was something that was said at the beginning of the year-kind of an earn your position type team. i have no problem with that. i do have a problem with players who start in every single game and make errors in every single game, and yet get to start again. its not like they have an awesome bat, or are the anchor/leader of the team, they are simply the coaches son. and that my friends is what completely irks me!

throughout our entire conversation last night, kevin and i both repeatedly said “i don’t want to be like that parent!” why? because we know that nick can make errors or strike out just like everybody else. we also know that nick is always hustling on and off the field, warming up outfielders when he is not playing, and shagging foul balls. he didn’t last night and i have to say that i don’t really blame him. its a shame that poor coaching can really affect nicks desire to keep playing.

so we reach a point where, do we say something to the coaches? and how exactly can you say something with out coming off as being that parent? and the thing that really stinks is that as people, i like all the coaches. it would be easier if they were absolute jerks or something!


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fotos for friday…

yesterday i went to our community garden, its a little experiment…see if jen can grow anything. well a little less than a week ago my zucchini plants looked like this:


yesterday i came home with zucchini that looked this;


holy growth spurt batman!!

i had a hair trial for the wedding last week and i think i like this; 


but i am still not completely sold on it, i am thinking more curls then twists and perhaps the veil underneath and flowers or pins in the curls…mary and i have decided to definitely get our hair done the day of, and i may even get some makeup on. the dilemma is i only ever wear mascara and don’t want to look completely fake, however i do want to look really nice…hummm

we also went and saw fireworks last weekend;


i thought it was pretty cool to use the ‘firework’ setting on the camera. this weekend we are meeting the justice of the peace, his name is ernest…should be interesting, i think at this point if hes not creepy or drunk we should be alright.

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last night, laying in kevins arms and drifting off to sleep, i hear kevin say…

“this is forever…”

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