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elvis has left the building…

ok, so maybe not elvis, but my mind has defiantly become vacation brain. i have extreme butterflies with the thought of getting on a plane and arriving on the opposite coast a few hours later. i have loads o work to get through here, however, vacation brain has set in and all i really feel like doing is making a list of things to pack…again…checking out more interesting places to visit…again…and calling my mom one more time to be sure its alright for her to take care of the dog for the next two and a half weeks. well she really has not choice now, shes committed and hes on his way over tomorrow night!

i spoke with my dad this weekend, i had to tell him we saw westpoint and went over the bear mountain bridge, he just loves it up there and has always said he wanted to take us. i was thinking about him the entire time. i gotta feel for him though, he is so very very frustrated with the whole house selling business. they had an open house on saturday and no one showed up. anyone interested? save my dad a coronary! plus he still is kinda homeless down in jersey and i am sure being away from my mom for weeks at a time is rather trying. granted he has the rest of his family down there including my sister, but still. will someone come and buy the thing already! (personally i blame pfizer…if it weren’t for them we would have never been out here in the first place-but then again nothing i have right now would have happened either…so that is a tough call)

so here is to my last tuesday at work for a while! must. overcome. vacation brain!

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a week from today we will be on a plane to seattle! its been a long time coming, considering it was last august that we first started planning this vacation. i cannot wait. after a long week, and boy it has been a hot one we can almost finally start counting down the hours. i have to say i was very frustrated with nick and his lack of appreciation yesterday, but just one little thing this morning changed everything. i was able to vent about it to kevin and he totally understands. sometimes i dont understand why nick cannot see the big picture, then i have to take a step back and remind myself that he is 12 and very few 12 year olds have any concept further than themselves. well this morning his mother called, i was brushing my teeth, and i hear nick say “mom you are nagging… nag nag nag” usually i would tell him not to talk to his mom that way, just not nice, but my mouth was full of toothpaste and the next thing he said was just perfect, through the door i hear ” jen dosent nag, no mom, she never nags me” at this point i will take the compliment! then i heard “well she likes…” but the last phrase was muffled by dog licking his peanut butter jar. in a small petty way that made me feel really good. when he got off the phone with her, he was extra clingy to me-not in a weird way, just in a way that i think he is beginning to realize that i will always be there for him, not to bash his mom, but she is making very bad descisions and i think nick knows that her choices are not for him. think about it, he has spent one night over there in the past month, will spend saturday over there this weekend, then we will be gone for two weeks solid, and there has been no effort on her part to be there. i just dont understand it, but then again i am not her. it is just frustrating.

on another note, kevin and i will be going to see the indigo girls this weekend, should be a great show! happy friday!

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the great equalizer…

when i was 12 and playing little league softball, moving up to seniors was just a difference of age. the people i would be facing were playing high school softball, the pitching was faster and playing infield was faster and more demanding. and the opportunity to play in the world series was that much closer. i was super excited and ready for the challenge, i had one year of varsity under my belt as it was. the one thing that never changed was the size of the field.

nick just finished his little league career, the less than stellar performance of the all star team cut the season a bit short. it came down to a three way tie between his team and two others, one of which they lost to in a game they really should not have lost. but his team was full of characters who decided when and where they wanted to play, the game they lost, well i guess you could say they decided not to play that day. so now we are faced with “the big field.” babe ruth, or whatever league is available for 13 year olds will now play on a field the same size they play on in the majors. its huge compared to what they are used. 90 feet is a long way to run, not to mention throw. 380 feet to center field is an unbelievable distance for someone who is used to just 250 feet. unfathomable to think about being able to clear that fence to someone who is a little over five feet tall and has not quite hit puberty yet (a little side note, his voice is starting to change…) so far though, he is taking it all in stride. we had him on the mound and the extra distance actually helps his curve ball, 12 to 2! very impressive. it will take a lot of hard work, but i know he can do it and i certainly hope he will not look at 380 feet and think he could never do that and just give up, because that would just really suck. 

i guess one advantage is that everyone in his league will be trying to overcome the same things. except for  maybe the giant nick had on his team this year who was frekishly tall for 12 years old, but such a teddy bear. but holy crow the field makes them look so small.

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really cool meme…

that i stole from wearing stillettos! because my hard drive is full of pictures that i have already used, i decided to do this meme, answer the questions with a picture from google images…here goes:

1. Age on your next birthday:

2.place i want to travel:


3. My favorite place:

4. Favorite Object:

5. Favorite Food:

6. Favorite Animal:

7. Favorite Color:

8. Town i was born in :

9.Town i live in now

10. Name of a past pet:


11. Name of a Past Love?

ahhh college…

12. Best Friends Nickname:

and this is funny because mags is my best friends nickname and jim is an actual former love

13. Screen Name:

14. First Name:

15. Middle Name:

16. last name:

17. bad habit:

18. first job:

19. Name of Grandmother:

20. Major in College/Grad School:

so its been a long hard week and i have never been so happy to say TGIF! i must say though, after all the blah that has been going on, kevin and i are stronger than ever and i am really really fortunate to have him in my life!! Happy Weekend!

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thursday thoughts…

i now have a new found respect for anyone who spends their day hurrying up to wait. it seems that has been the story of my life this week. hurry up to get payroll done…to wait for it to be delivered. hurry up to get to the little league field…to wait for the game the to start, and let me digress a bit on that, metal bleachers and my ass do NOT get along, neither do my shoulders, neck or lower back. i say i am getting old, but all the other mothers look at me and mutter under their breath “bitch.” hurry up to get payables done…wait to have them signed, and again, let me digress…these new responsiblities are interesting to say the least. i never thought i would have to balance different schedules in order to get everything done and make everyone happy and i have to remind myself that yes i can get that order out, on my own, however there are more than one to two steps that require that action and those steps include variuos people who have vastly different schedules. note to self: you are only one person and if you do what you need to, it is out of your hands…Right?

my bathroom needs a serious scrubbing, every morning i get mad at the toilet for being so dirty, and the bathmat needs to be either one: cleaned two:washed or three: hazmat removed.

i am really going to miss going to little league games, i have actually started to meet new people and have many that i look forward to seeing, but is it borderline stalker to ask if we could do something other than watch little league, are there rules, and really what would we do, the only thing we do have in common is little league. last night i got a very nice hug from parents of one of nicks regular season team, their son and nick are pretty good friends, they come to the all star games as well. sue told me to have a great vacation and eddie was also very friendly-this must be what adult friends are like?-

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so i think it is bad to have a mini vacation before an actual long vacation. over the fourth, kevin and i went up to the berkshires to see james taylor. it was a great concert complete with yo yo ma playing sweet baby james and carol king. don’t forget john travolta and his wife (who can play guitar). we stayed at an uber cool vacation place that was all inclusive, the room was bigger than our apartment, i totally wanted to move up there that instant. we came back on saturday and now all i can think about is the end of the month when we go to seattle…which is bad…i have loads o work to do and zero motivation to get said things done. and don’t forget in two weeks we are going to another concert and i fear that when i return from that one, the motivation will be a negative 100%. but hey go big or go home!!

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a love meme…

Thank you CuriousC, i saw this and totally had to do it! so here goes:

Are you deeply in love with your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend? If you are, let’s try how well you remember the moments of your life with him. But before you put yourself in the hot seat please read the rules of this tag first.

1. This tag should be passed on to your friends.
2. Visit the blog of the person you’ve got this tag.
3. Leave a comment on her/his tag post. Be sure to thank her/him for this tag.
4. Highlight and link all the list of people who accepted this tag by visiting their blog site.
5. There are 10 questions that you need to answer but you will be the one to write the 10th question for the next person you want to pass this tag. Here are the questions. Be honest with your answers.

Let’s Start:

1. How did you meet your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend?
funny enough, match.com

2. Where did you go on your first date?
we had been talking for about a week or so and decided to go out, kevin wanted to do something different so asked if i would be game for a haunted house then a movie or something like that. i had never been to a a haunted house and really didn’t like the idea of being purposely scared but i said sure. mind you i had just finished having a little surgery and the first night i could wear jeans was that date. we met for the haunted house, then spent hours, i do not remember how many, at starbucks just talking, then we made it to a late showing of flags of our fathers-he got me right away with the total history nerd thing!

3. When was your first intimate kiss?
our first date was on a friday, two days later we went to mystic and that was the kiss that stopped the world

4. How many girlfriends/boyfriends he/she had in the past? Do you honestly know?
three, but i do not ask much, rocky past that if he needs to share he will, i love him just the same

5. What is his/her ethnicity?

6. What is his/her favorite food?
food in general is always a good thing, but kevin has a bit of a sweet tooth and loves cookies and chocolate

7. What is he/she like if he/she is mad?
depends on the situation, if he is super frustrated at nick there is yelling, but most of the time he is very in control of his emotions and is able to talk things out, not sure if that is my influence or not

8. What are the things he/she did you thought is the most romantic thing he’d/she’d ever done?
there is always something little and thoughtful, like taking me to the carousel, or hiking or the gentle kiss i get in the morning

9. Describe how he/you proposed to you.
there has been no proposal yet, there has been talk and i know there is a ring in the works, not sure when i will see it, considering all of our money is going to our trip to seattle and a new clutch for his car…

10. What has been the biggest surprise about your signifigant other since you’ve been together?

some things may take longer than others, but i have never met anyone who will say something is going to happen/i will make this happen, and actually see it come to fruition.

so there you have it!

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