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Jens day…

my very own day, one that halmark has not jumped on the bandwagon to come up with great, catchy cards. kevin started it. he told me on friday that he needed to know what i wanted for breakfast on sunday, because its not mothers day, but jens day.

so saturday, we slept in, which is rare on the weekend now that little league started. showered and went and picked up nick, did some hitting practice then off to the field for an afternoon game. I brought hobbes along because well, he is rather popular and his presence was requested by my little friend. to save the details (it is still depressing to think about) nicks team was mercied in 4 innings, they made every sterotypical little league mistake that you can think of, like i said, emberassing. after a rather short afternoon at the field, nick went with his mom and kevin and i started towards my parents house. my dad and sister both came up this past weeken, so we all got together for dinner. dad grilled, my sister made me laugh so hard i cried and my mom had to excuse herself more than once from fear of wetting herself. and kevin laughed right along with us. it was a great day!

sunday morning i had decided on a cheddar cheese beagle from stew leonards (dont get me started on how much that store scares me, but hey good beagles) and a hazlenut latte from starbucks, compelet with bacon cooked on the emeril skillet. it was a great morning with intriguing conversations, including motherhood, how do i feel about that and kevin expressing that he could never ask for anything more, followed by a ride on the carousel in bushnell park and a walk around trinitys campus. not once, not twice, but three times the “m” bomb was mentioned, all by kevin. when i brought this up, he said its a sign and then quickly changed the subject. later on, i was filling out my financial aid applications and trying to answer the questions about if you have someone who lives with  you and receives half of their support from you… there is no gray area, the irs doesn’t care if its your boyfriends son who you are supporting, so kevin suggested we drive down to atlantic city. i told him not to tease!

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