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-for some reason i have only posted on thursdays, not sure why…

-i never received the memo that people who drove Mercedes did not need to use their turn signals, or were allowed to accelerate and ride the brake at the same time ( how do they do that?)

-i was just introduced to the “chocolate rain” song on youtube from last summer. its weird. but the guy was smart because he got endorsements and came up with this. but the parodies are fricking hilarious. i particularly like the “vanilla snow” version, however the one that made all of us cry in the office was this one

-there is a draft next to me while i sit here at work and it is starting to get on my nerves, i am cold and do not appreciate it so much. if this were an 100 year old building i may understand…but. its. not.

-i am really excited that a friend of mine from college is moving this weekend to mass. she will be the first mid-westerner to venture out this far, at least any that i went to school with.

-i had a dream about going to a college reunion and all my friends, first: didn’t recognize me and second: treated me like a little kid, what does that mean?

-for other office entertainment, we have a three pound hersheys chocolate heart for anyone who can hack off a piece.

-i really miss my sister and want her to come and visit, i also really miss people in michigan for some reason.

-that damn “chocolate rain” song is now stuck in my head. oh wait, wait, i was listening to “rehab” this morning…ahh its there now.

-so today would be considered a ‘weather breeder’ day, thank you gillian, a old new england term that talks about how this is the calm before the storm basically.

-i had a real live snow day last friday, don’t think that will happen again tomorrow, but thats not bad, as you can see, i find many ways to occupy my time here at work.

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