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the essay…

i am starting to put together my application to grad school, surprisingly i am a little bit nervous, the thought occured to me that i may not get accepted…and then what? i have no idea, but i decided that i will deal that if it arises, so my first task is to write an essay, no fewer than 3 pages, about my reasoning for wanting a masters in American Studies and what i plan to do with it….humph, the only thing that i can think of, and this is really the motivation as to getting the masters, is that i want to play with, preserve and present old things. thats all i got, for the life of me i cannot put those thoughts into a coherent, intelligent sounding essay of 1,000 words. i cannot imagine a trustee board looking at an entrance essay to grad school that talks about how cool i think it is to “play” with old things. its almost like a catch phrase, maybe i should go into marketing, but i dont want to, i want to play with old things and research where they came from and why they were important, why oh why does it have to be no less than a 1000 words! argh!

another thing that i am worried about is kevins health, we spent a nice long evening in the emergency room on saturday because he has a pain in his side…after a cat scan and other tests the doctor came out and said, “eh, we don’t really know whats going on, the scan didn’t show anything, you should probably follow up with your regular doctor.” WHAT? what more could he possibly do? and why on earth did we just spend our entire evening…starving…and you have no definitive answer as to why his side hurts? needless to say i do hope that at his appointment tomorrow that he gets a better answer and maybe a magic fix it pill, because if he cant sleep i cant sleep…

p.s: my dove dark chocalate wrapper told me to go to my special place, i think i may take its advice.

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