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old weathersfield…


Another great Calvin and Hobbes!


and another clever kid!

but i digress… because i am such a nerd and kevin loves me so much, on one of the coldest days so far, we piled into the car and drove about ten minutes from our apartment to old weathersfield. The place is amazing! not only does it have houses that are amazing gorgeous victorian and huge, they also have over 50 homes that date from before the revolution. and to top it all off they have the house that was used to base the novel The Witch of Blackbird Pond. one of my all time favorites. they have all sorts of great little shops and a really old cemetery, which i am just itching to walk through, and a gorgeous green. i love the history in this area and cannot wait for it to get a bit warmer. i am loving the snow though! this could be my first white christmas in connecticut…very exciting! i am still trying to figure out how to watch that movie though, its my favorite…but there isn’t a lot of time or availability for the tv, i am going to have to do some planning, maybe when my sister comes, which is soon!! YEAH!!

so i just have to say thanks to MOF, he wrote such a nice thing in his blog that i just cannot thank him enough, i dearly miss my old life, but am so excited for my new one!

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ahhh my favorite time of year…


Calvin and hobbes is my very favorite cartoon! my dog is even named hobbes, so in honor of all the snow, the fact that i now live with a creative 11 year old boy and that i really have nothing else to do right now, here are my favorite snowman pictures! i have even recreated some of them.

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Its Snowing!!!

YEAH!!! the first snow of the year, how cool is that..ha ha ha literally! go a call from kevin this morning to look out the window, nick was excited as well, dissapointed that he still had school though. i am not going to get any work done today, i am leaving tomorrow for indiana and its snowing! i tend to just watch it out the window then actually do anything productive, i think its from elementary school.

at this moment i would just like to take a few lines to thank the AAA guy who came to my rescue last night with gas! in my defense my gas gauge does not work, so i have to go by mileage, well i hadnt driven the car all weekend and went to middletown last night, as soon as i got on 91 north, my car just didnt go anymore, no warning lights, no bell just not moving. i do have to say that he got there in a prompt manner and gave me a few gallons to get to a gas station, very nice indeed. and i have to appreciate that it was the coldest night of the year so far and i only had to stand in it for an hour or so. again, thank you AAA!

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