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with fuzzy mold? now i have to admit that i am not the most diligent when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, i am not a slob either, it gets cleaned every week or so but come on! fuzzy! and what is the with the red color, that drips down the side of the tube and forms pools in the cracks. that cannot be healthy! i swear the bathroom never, ever gets dry. we do not have the luxury of one of those fans, i think the place was built way before that technology, and it has been way to cold to have the window open, but now its warming up and the humidity is building up faster and nothing. ever. dries. not to mention the amount of condensation on the toilet, can someone explain that to me as well, there was a puddle and i am not exggerating surrounding the toilet, allowing the red mold (?) to swim freely with the dust/hair bunnies. yes hair bunnies. now i love my dog, but the amount of hair that he produces is insane, every time i vaccum, which is more than once a week sometimes, i pull enough hair out of the easy clean vaccum to create one if not two more hobbes, complete with four legs and long snout. i know he plans his scratching as well, every morning we come in from our walk and he gets his half of a milk bone, licks his front leg (because no one ever showed him how to lift his leg when he was a puppy) then does a body slam onto the floor and scratches, turning his body in a full 360 degree circle on the floor. once a morning is not bad, the hair tufts are manageable, i can usually pick those up. but when i vaccum, he waits, patiently on the futon, until i am done, then proceeds to out do himself with the scratching effectivly rolling and scratching so much that the vaccum marks in the carpeting have even dissappered. he sure is hairy, but oh so cute, so one look from those big brown eyes and all is forgiven and forgotten. and one more question, what is up with the million and one stompers who live above me? and when did a crying baby come into the picture? no joke every night at around 9:30 the stomping begins, and not just someone who walks hard on their heels or something, its like a fricking marching band lives upstairs and they only practice after 9pm. that practice has to last at least until one am and will include, in no paticular order, lifting and dropping heavy weights, like dumb bells (that sound they are falling through the floor) watching an entire war type invasion movie with surround sound turned up past 50 and a chorus of crying baby (who is also training for the 50 yard dash) all when the rest of the world, at least mine is trying to fall asleep. i am generally a patient person, but much more of that noise and the next time i see that scary lady who has a hollowed out face from too much crack with her barky dog, i am going to say something. and it wont be a nice hello. i hope to take my tylenol pm this evening and not hear any more stomping, because i think it is starting to make me a little crazy.

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