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the end of an era…

Mable the Malibu was generously giving to my by my favorite Grandma. She has lived in North Stonington, New London and Newington. She has taken me home to Michigan for a girls weekend, to Cleveland for a funeral and numerous trips to New Jersey. Our first vacation together with the family in Rhode Island. We spent a week in Little Compton and put on a thousand miles driving back and forth for the baseball championship games, followed by a trip to the air show that resulted in her first flat tire.

She served as my phone charger, ipod charger, closet with wheels,  coin bank, and sports locker.

She took me to my grad classes and faithfully drove through atrocious weather. I cannot remember the last time we had her oil changed and can only explain why she started with divine intervention.

When paddy the Impala came into the picture, she dutifully took us to work and school and practices, never showing signs of jealousy.

She still started this summer even after our newest addition, phat betty. But her age was beginning to show. A rear flat tire showed up just after Christmas, followed by a front flat and the decision was made to send her off to greener pastures…

R.I.P Mable…you did good…

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