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thursday thoughts…

  • tonight we embark on a time-honored tradtion; open house for high school. (insert some type of music in the background) thats right, kevin and i will trek to the highschool, the same high school kevin went to, to learn all about schedules and to help “ease the transition from middle school to high school.” no joke that is what the news letter said! i havent figured out how i feel about this, i met nick when he was in fifth grade and i always knew high school was next. i may have to marinade on this for a bit…
  • i want to know why whenever we download a dave matthews cd set the trak listings are all wonky, we put three discs from the same show into itunes last night and each disc had different information on them either it was the concert name being different or the name of the artist, that made finding the new discs in the library a nightmare…
  • i was watching a gaggle of geese in the lacrosse field across from the parking lot this afternoon and began to wonder why are they called a gaggle, that lead to why on earth are a group of frogs called an army or a group of owls a parliament…
  • last night i had a wonderful conversation with a long-lost (recently found through facebook) friend. a sister of a former best friend of mine who went to the same high school and college as i did. she recently had a baby who is so very adorable and we were able to catch up a bit, it was just nice. i also learned that her sister is still in a word crazy and for a brief moment i thought about what life would be like if she were still involved in mine, then i snapped back to reality and thanked my lucky starts she is not…is that wrong?
  • external hard drives and moving iphoto libraries are not my friends right now…anyone have any idea how to make the disc not locked?
  • this break i have read three or four books, one of which called Provenance all about art forgery and another called The Billionaires Vinegar this one about wine forgery. i have decided that i want to find that one thing that i can study and live and become an expert so when there is another great con they can call me and i can look at whatever it may be and say with absolute authority that whatever is fake is in fact fake…how cool would that be?

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thursday thoughts…

in the interest of not turning this into a complete and utter wedding blog (partly because the wedding industrial complex irks me and partly because i really have no idea what i am doing when it comes to planning such a thing…oh and because there are a million other things going on as well) i have decided to present my thursday thoughts with a spattering of wedding related obsessions thoughts;

  • i need something borrowed, what do you you borrow when you get married? there will be a total of ten people there, the borrowing pool is kinda small…
  • the young lady that i have been mentoring for three years now is graduating from high school today, i am so incredibly proud and probably more nervous than she is…
  • i was able to spend last night with my dad at nicks baseball game, it was  a tough loss, well kinda-i mean tough in the way that they just decided to fall asleep in the third inning. but it is always a good time with dad…
  • mary aka my maid of honor has found the most perfect maid o honor dress at jcrew, of course she is so frickin’ cute that a trash bag would probably look just as cute…
  • i caved and created an account on the knot (only because i need to find someone to marry us) the most gratifying thing about signing up was checking off things that are already done or do not pertain to our ceremony. for instance date, check, dress, check, place, check, dinner, check…
  • according to said website i have 71 days until the wedding and i do have to comment on how they are so polite, welcoming me and kevin back and all…
  • i saw the sun! and rumor has it…it may show up again and soon! i may have to put my ark building on the back burner…
  • at work, our fiscal year ends june 30, turns out i have three and a half sick days to use before hand-i may be feeling a headache coming on at any point…NO ONE should waste those right?

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just some thoughts…

  • today was the due date for all the information for grad school, they contacted me last week and said they hadn’t received my letters of recommendation yet, one overnighted it yesterday and one was sent last month and emailed again this morning, whats up with that? not cool because i am really anxious and now even more so!
  • it did not put my mind to ease when i called the office and they lady that i have been talking to is not in today and instead i had to speak with someone who did not have a great grasp on the english language and never really understood what i was talking about, i am seriously thinking about chewing off my nails.
  • my parents are still looking for a place and hoping to see the one in ct and it already feels like they are just gone, they went to new jersey last week and never even told me they were going, not that they have to check in but i talked to both them and my sister the day before and nothing was said, that was weird.
  • it is way to quite in my office right now, gillian is on vacation and the phone isn’t ringing and there is nothing funny to google, or to joke about, or to just talk about, i haven’t even gotten a weird parent email this week, granted it is only tuesday. i think our weirdest one was cocktopus69@aol.com. it was a mothers email…makes ya wonder!
  • we are trying to get nick to not sleep with a blankey anymore, he is 12 and kevin has it in his head that sleeping with a blankey is not “little manish” i agree but also have met adults who still have that one thing they sleep with, i never had that problem growing up, when it was time to get rid of the pacifier my mom told me to give it to the easter bunny, and i bought that! no tears.
  • the young girl that i mentor now has a new boyfriend, i think i have mentioned that i have no words before about this young man, however i think i have found a few since my last conversation with her. not only does he drive to different states with out a license he sleeps with a gun under his pillow. k seems to think this is fine, she figures its none of her business, sometimes she is wiser beyond her years and other times she is so much younger than she really is. i told her that since she is already dropping the “l” bomb with this guy, don’t you think that there are things you should know and have opinions about? but then my words ran out again and now i am stuck with a sick feeling in my stomach, i am not really sure if this is something that i should/have to report to the powers that be…
  • did i mention it is too quiet in my office?
  • i have to go grocery shopping again this afternoon, because we are already out of the essentials, kevin made fun of me the other night because i know exactly how many sandwiches can be made from the amount of cheese i get, and he ate some extra cheese wondering “if i eat this, will the whole count be off” thats just funny!

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now for the real post…

a couple winters ago a squirrel gave up and froze on the sidewalk, now i feel that they are nothing more than rats with better fur coats, however they are somewhat cute i guess, but the way this one was laid out over a pile of snow with no visible wounds was rather comical and it looked as if it just ran across the street then decided that life was just too much and went kaput. well my good friend hallie, who also found the humor in the carnage found this picture: and it made my day!


Poor little guy!

another great thing that hallie has is this free association thing, and since i am not really working on anything right now, i figured i would do this weeks edition of it as well, Thanks hallie!!

  1. Cluster :not to steal hallies, but the f word following that word is the perfect description for anything dirty, messy, disorganized…
  2. Announcement :engaged…not yet, but i have my suspscions
  3. Respect :work…at earning it!
  4. Incident :report…paperwork that covered my butt working with the special people
  5. Accordion :fold, or a really cool book desing
  6. Drunk : college
  7. If :books, full of “if” questions
  8. Dexter :laboratory…too much cartoon network
  9. Wedding :white, i know the mystery is gone but still i will be wearing white, thats all the thought i have put into that.
  10. Gambling :Mohegan Sun, and the gone fishing slot machine that has paid me lots and lots of money!!

so thanks for all that, makes my groggy brain start to think a little bit. besides the dog barking we had an incident with nick last night, he told us about a little altercation he was in at the beginning of december, so i had to be “parent” and play the pro,con game.

Pro: nick told us about the incident on his own…

Con: it was two months later!!

no more ps3, his idea of punishment for two weeks!

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So we got back from our trip to indiana and it was a great time, we had deep fried turkey (hey we were really close to kentucky) and lots of other food, good times spent with family and then went to st. louis, what a cool place that is! we got to see the body world exhibit, went to the zoo and of course stopped by the arch. it was great. As for the flying…it was a piece of cake, busiest travel day of the year my ass! of course when we got back i became infected with the plague, monday was all sneezing and tuesday i could only hold my head up for half a day at work, yesterday i spent in a fog on the couch, havent slept that much in years, so today i am back at work with only half a cinder block on my head, hopefully i can make it through the whole day. so i have been tagged by hallie, havent quite figured out how to link to her and really not sure of seven people to tag but i am rather excited to go along, so here goes:

The rules:

1) Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2) Share 7 facts about yourself.
3) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4) Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. i love the midwest, but i never thought that i would miss dunkin donuts so much, hell any place with coffee for that matter, i dont remember having no coffee out there.

2. i have a severe addiction to chapstick.

3. i miss getting dressed up in a corset for the coldest night of the year and walking around gossiping about Mr. Jennings and Mrs. Palmer. its that time of year again and i think we have all hung it up…booo

4. this past thanksgiving was the first time i spent it away from my sister and parents, it was hard but good all at the same time.

5. my sister and i used to have stuffed animal fights in our room, that was after we played olympic gymnasts and would do somer saults between our two beds..really surprised we didnt break our necks.

6. when i was in college maggie and i used to use cans and a basketball to go “bowling” in the hallways! our neighbors loved it!

7. i really love my little family and only hope for the best!!

so there it is, the plague has come back and i am not sure how much longer i can stay up!!!

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so these past two days has been a challenge of my parenting skills, not that i have a whole arsenal or anything i am still new to the whole idea, but what do you do with a 6th grader who has been removed from different classes for being extremely, not just a little, Disruptive? Monday and Tuesday were both days detentions have been earned, after-school of course. we did the usual no TV, no ps2, early bed time, no trick or treating, no dance after-school (which he also cannot go to because he has to fix his failing computer class grade) but i am still not convinced that he realizes the gravity of the situation. i understand this is a whole new environment, it is for all of us! but still school is very important and he is a smart kid, argh!

happy Halloween by the way! its an alright holiday, i just get irritated with all the little kids who take hand outs for granted. we had a Halloween event at work the other night and some of those kids were so rude and inconsiderate i just want to remind them all they are not the center of the universe, how does one convey that in a non threatening way?

i work close to a bubble machine, so at least four or five times a day i hear and enthusiastic little kids yell “BUBBLES” then the thump thump thump of feet running towards it, its cute.

we almost saw a full out fight last night at Wal Mart, thankfully the police were there picking up the usual shop lifters, so they did double duty and escorted the very loud woman out of the store. you have to watch out at those self check outs, apparently she thought the computer was over charging her, and defiantly was out to get just her oh and the group behind her were just standing there to get into her business. i know this is how she felt because even though we were standing a good distance from her, her voice really carried, i think the whole entrance area of that particular Wal Mart knew how she felt.

so Kevin really enjoys dropping the “mom-bomb” on me, the running joke last night was i started early having kids so that i could enjoy my thirties…i was so shocked at the idea that turning 30 is coming up (not this year…) that i couldn’t come up with a witty comment, i hate when that happens. i wonder what the girls from high school are up to now with their kids?

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