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i have been homesick before, missing places and people familiar to you, but has anyone ever  been worksick? i think i have a case of it, not only the people i used to work with, but the enviroment, the old things, the decorations for this time of year, the smell of wood fires and kerosene lanterns. i really miss it, so i have decided that i have a case of work sick, kinda like homesickness but different!

on a different note, happy birthday to my favorite sister! she is the best and i really miss her, i got her a tool kit for her very first apartment, her boyfriend got her an iphone…its the thought that counts right?

and one more completely different note, i think we have to have the birds and the bees talk tonight, i have been dreading even the thought of talking about sex, partly because when i was growing up it was never, NEVER, discussed with my parents (everything i knew was from riding the bus!) i have no idea how to explain to an 11 year old that it isn’t a bad thing and he shouldn’t feel threatened and that he cannot dictate whether or not it happens, this is certainly uncharted waters for myself!

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