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more vacation pictures…

so this past weekend, we were able to fix the computer and now i can share my pics:

nick and kevin on safeco field, nick got to run the bases and got a certificate signed by ichiro (spelled that wrong i am sure)

that was at the olympic mountain range…one of the park rangers said that only one or two days out of the year is it that clear and blue, we could see british columbia.

snow in august…

what a difference a volcanic eruption makes eh?

and of course, my bling. the picture does not do it justice, my camera will not focus close up, it is even prettier in real life and i am not sure if that is because it is a gorgeous ring or how beautiful everything is that it stands for!

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the thing about non profits…

well there are lots of things about non profits. i do find that working for them, there is never a dull moment. and the majority of things that happen here, people in the real world would have no idea how to react to them. my prime example is from this past monday.

**some background first: i work in a small childrens museum located just outside of hartford, we have a newer ceo who is very well connected and all of us have been trying to improve our grounds for the little amount of time we have left at this sight, we will be moving next year***

so our very well connected, fearless leader, knew a man who knew a man who had connections with the cow parade, you know where the cows are painted by different artists and then displayed in the down town area. well the parade is long gone, and the cows are just sitting in storage collecting dust. the light bulb went off and someone decided “hey lets donate two of these cows to the childrens museum” us being the non profit, said “FREE??!!??” Bring. It. ON.

monday morning comes along and the cow is being delivered. our ceo was not here yet but his second in command was. not two seconds after he walked out to see the cow, he came rushing back into the office searching frantically for his phone, saying “they cant take THAT off the truck” “he has to see this first” Did he KNOW what the cow looked like?” his final words were “THAT CANNOT COME OFF THE TRUCK!” but it did, and after various other mutterings of “jugs the size of air balloons” and “…pornography” we are now proud owners of a an 11 foot tall mer-cow…

yes ladies and gentlemen, that is what greets me every morning, granted it is still hidden at the back of the building, no one really knows what to do with it and everyone is very concerned with what the mothers of all the small impressionable young children will have to say. personally i think she is cool, but out in front of a childrens museum (that has nothing to do with fish) and not surrounded by any other painted cow…may not be all that appropriate.

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just some thoughts…

yesterday i received a package from my sister. full of wedding stuff! i got a planner, a book for etiquette a few how to books, a where to seat aunt edna book, and my favorite a magazine, chock full of pictures! because that is was really makes me happy, she even dog eared the dresses she liked. but i had class last night so i wasn’t able to look through it all. now sitting at work, i am taunted by the phone book sized wedding magazine sitting in my bag, and not a whole lot of real work to do…hummm **ok, i was interrupted by real work**

i feel ill, luckily i have ruled out bubonic plague-malaria may still be a real possibility though.

we went to farm aid this past weekend-it was really great and i have no regrets about skipping out on willie nelson.

p.s i need a nap!

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just call me a worry wort…

so after no sleep on tuesday night, and a very very stressful day at work, i had to face my first day of class (can you hear the ominous music in the background) my afternoon was spent picking nick up from school, helping him with his homework, doing laundry and making dinner. nick had practice at 5:30 and i had to be at trinity at six. his homework-not so painful. dinner-eaten in a rush. dropped off for practice-on time. my drive downtown included a stop for gas because i was just running on fumes and did not want to run out in the very very scary neighborhood i drive through. 15 minutes to get to class, i was able to find a parking spot then got the first person i saw attention and asked where McCook was. he was very helpful and it turns out i was able to read the online campus map and park relativity close. as i was walking up to the building, i met a fellow classmate (side note, this classmate is working on her uncles world war II journal which equals new best friend) we found the classroom and chatted a bit, she too had no idea what books we were supposed to have or what to expect from the class. as we all sat down around a large table, no one and i have to repeat this because it was one of my biggest fears, no one busted out a lap top. i was convinced i was going to have a legally blonde experience. our professor-very cool. the rest of the class-amazing mix of people, including a world war II vet who grew up in detroit and has already fulfilled the requirements for his masters but as he put it “too lazy to do a thesis” lots of paper handed out and lots of great discussion. our professor had even printed and bound all the articles he wants read for the course. major bonus! and the scheduled three hour class is really only two hours because in the words of my professor “no one can do this for three hours straight, and i know my attention span is shorter now than when i was three” holy crap that was way to easy! and by the way i am really really going to grad school!

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is it time to freak out yet?

so whenever i start something new i have these crazy dreams of being at school naked, or not knowing where my class is, or not having any of the gagillion assignments done beforehand. i wake up a bit disturbed but relax knowing it was just a dream. NOT. ANYMORE. i have known that my approach to american studies starts next monday, but then i began to think about my weds. night class. hum i thought “self, i do not think all grad classes start next week, probably only missed the monday one because that was on a holiday” since i hadn’t received anything from the professor, or seen it on black board, i thought i hadn’t been signed up for the class, or, well i have no idea what else i thought. so i send a happy little email to my friends in the admissions office, hey am i really signed up for this class? and low and behold i am and i have class tomorrow night! i have no idea what books are needed, whats expected the first night or even where the class is at. i just got my i.d today-and in my defense its not all because i am a huge procrastinator, its because there is serious lack of communication on behalf of the school, lets just consider that i just found out i received my financial aid on FRIDAY and that was after numerous phone calls, emails, faxes, carrier pigeons, or as i like to see it, borderline stalker behavior. who ever said that dreams do come true was really digging but oh so right!

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