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more and more frequently i have been finding myself in situations that make me wonder what other people would do. so in a shower ah ha moment i have decided to start a new installment. i cant make any guarantees that this will be every week, or heck even once a month, but i am going to try to i am also going to solicit any scenarios from the one or two people who read this. so here goes…

the first installment of what would you do wednesday…

i have this problem of always wanting to be everywhere for everyone. i would almost classify it as a sickness, partly because i will go to the ends of the earth to make it happen. you need me to be at a function early in the morning, no problem. later on in the day you need me to be half way across the state for an equally important but totally different function that actually starts a half hour before the first function ends and the travel time is two hours? no problem! i will make it work. why? because i always make it work.

but this time? it’s not going to happen. i don’t think. nick was called up to play varsity for the state tournament. granted he hasn’t played an inning, he is still on the team and contributes in any way he can. we went to the first game not expecting much but they won, pretty exciting! what a great experience for him. the next game was against the number one team in the state, not a chance right? Wrong! they won again, with more passion and more fire! the next game was at a cool old minor league stadium, brick grandstand, fan busses, under the lights. very cool, but the team they were playing was ranked 8th. granted they did beat the 1st ranked team, which makes me kinda wonder about the rankings, perhaps this 8th ranked team had a tougher division during the regular season. who knows!

they won that game too! which led to the semi final match-up last night. against a team that had beaten them a few years ago in a similar situation. it was hot and the teams seemed a bit flat at first. the other team scored first and it went back and forth for ten innings which resulted in a win! and much rejoicing!

rumor had it the championship game was going to be friday night at the neat old ballpark with the brick grandstand. at 7pm. my sisters rehearsal dinner is friday night, on the shore, over an hour away from the neat old ballpark with the brick grandstand. and then we find out the game has been moved to saturday, it starts an hour and a half after cocktail hour starts at the winery even further away from the neat old ballpark with the brick grandstand.

for the first time, i think ever, there is no possible way for me to make being at the wedding and the state championship game work. these are both huge, perhaps “once in a lifetime” events, and i have to miss one. it’s tearing up my heart. and i hope someone will understand. so what would you do?

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