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funny thing…

happened when i went to the bathroom, i realized that i was wearing two different earrings. in my defense they were both danglely and green, but very different and of course i had been at work for over two hours and spoken with all of my colleagues numerous times, however no one noticed or they all thought that was normal behavior, thanks g for saying that is totally something she would do as well. i guess i have to count my blessings though considering it could have been a giant bat in the cave, or piece of something green between my teeth. i think i put two different earrings in this morning because my back is sore, yesterday at work my mom called and started complaining about my dad not moving the furniture for their moving sale and really she was dropping a hint and beating around the bush, instead of just saying hey we need you to come over and help. so after asking her if she was dropping a hint (she totally was) i drove the hour to my parents, moved all the furniture, and drove the hour back and now have that stabbing sore pain in my shoulder that i can only attribute to years of softball and now bad posture… ow! but the deed is done, sale is going on now, the realtors have toured around and they should be moving soon, i think the craziest thing is the whole time we have lived in ct, my dads goal has been to clean out the basement… well its empty now! way to go dad! i did come to an epiphany of sorts, going through all those boxes, i found all the cards from my high school graduation now the historian want to preserve everything part of me was like  ” wow, i so need to save these think of the significance” and then the practical voice came through and said “self… really why the hell do you want to save all those, the only reason why you even know you have them is because you have to go through all these boxes and throw.stuff.away” so thats what i did, high school was a long time ago and really not that great so why save things that are only going to stay in a box and move from one basement to another. i would say this is the first step to recovery from hording! of course my sister has a bigger problem with hording, she found boxes containing all the pages of one a day calendars (i am sure they were important) hence why i do not ever by her a calendar. Ever. but i love her dearly!

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