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the other day…

all week nick has been in a fantastic mood, i mean a mood that i have never seen him in before and one that has been consistently great! always cracking jokes, bounding around, smiling, hugging, just everything a happy kid does. what a great week. i know he has been really working through things and i believe that it is starting to pay off. for instance, the other day (and i have to warn everyone that this does include discussion about bodily functions) nick came into the room and said ” hey dad, you can put your magazines under the sink in the bathroom for your ‘long sessions’ (fingers and all) like i did. in fact i am going to use one of them right now…” exit nick. we both kinda looked at each other, i raised my eyebrow and kevin kinda shouted after nick saying something along the line of thanks buddy but we didn’t need to know that. it was just so funny how proud nick was of himself that he had figured that out…he is well on his way to becoming a model man! after homework was done, we took nick to get the second “Diary of A Wimpy Kid” he has finished the first one in record time and has really enjoyed it. I read the first one last night and let me tell you it is just as appropriate for adults as it is for middle schoolers. i do not know about anyone else my i HATED middle school. when i was driving into work today, i thought “self; man that author is clever, if i were to write about my middle school experience i would have to start with a disclamer stating that the names and places in this work have been changed to protect peoples privacy” is that sad? all i have to say is i am inspired! so watch out lindsey muelman, man even now seeing that name on some obscure blog still makes me worry that somehow, somewhere, she is going to know what i said and come back and make my life miserable again. isn’t it amazing how much clout one person can have on your entire existence. i think my one little funny ha ha to myself, the one thing that has justified all the thoughts that one day she would get what she deserved, is the day that i was moving out of kalamazoo, i had to run to the small grocery store up the street and who rang me up? thats right! none other than lindsey muelman. thats why i believe in karma! ha! take that! hum so where did this rant come from? have no idea but that felt good. happy friday! maybe i will have to write more just to aid in the healing process.

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