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ahh friday…

this moring was a grogeous sunrise, followed by snrain but gorgeous all the same. at work i got to hold a real live emmy award! how cool is that, i told g that she never ceases to amaze me, apperently her husband has won two for his editing work. everyone took turns holding it, yes it is heavy, and giving short “they like, they really like me” speeches. we also played a short six degrees of seperation, i like my link to derek jeeter. today was a half day for nick, would someone please tell me the reason for “legal length” days? so i picked up a very excited nick who got his report card today and did very well. this afternoon, we hung out watching tv and playing with the dog, who didnt like the snrain. we have a basketball game to go to on saturday and the superbowl on sunday, i will finally be able to take k out and about, we havent gone anywhere since november so that will be great!

as i was in the shower this morning, i got to thinking about my family, in particular my grandmother. i am so curious to know if she had a blog what would it be about? the amazing woman has reared eight children, mostly on her own considering my grandfather, as my dad puts it “went crazy” and left her pretty much when life was just starting to get interesting. she is a devout catholic who goes to church all the time and never had her divorce recognized in the church (so funny side note, when my grandfather passed away two years ago, she was all ready to go to the single bars with my sister who was living with her at the time.) she has been through some really crappy things and still came out so great. she had an evil step mom when she was 14, so evil that her brother and her moved out of the house and she married when she was 18 (unfortunately to the “crazy” guy) for a while there her and her brother were living in a boarding house. now those details are a bit sketchy, as they are just coming to light now. she is an amazing, spry 75 year old, who still drives and plays bridge with her friends every wednesday. so i would imagine that her blog would include bridge type things ( really know nothing about bridge) and recipes because whose grandmother is not the best cook ever? although she is so modest that she would just say she is a “simple” cook. whatever! it would also include various knitting patterns and tricks, maybe a few cross stitch references to spice it up, but most of all i think it would just be an inspiring simple read from a woman who has seen so much and done so much. she is just the best!

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