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high school graduation…

last night i attended the high school graduation of a young lady that i have been mentoring for three years now. when i first met her she was in a non traditional school setting and living in a type of facility. since then she has moved to a group home, went to a main stream school and is attending college in the fall. she has had her fair share of bumps in the road, but has overcome each and ever one with a grace that is had to replicate. she put a tear in my eye when i pulled up to the house and she was wearing her cap and gown in powder blue. after i commented on how she looked like a high school grad she responded with “i look terrible!” to which i had to say “WHAT” her argument being that the robe was too big. i tried to explain to her that is the beauty of the robes (they are not supposed to be form fitting!) but it was lost on her mostly because of the excitement and nervousness she was feeling at the present time.

we sat outside of the school, on the first night in a long time that it wasnt even threatening to rain, and listened to the school principle, the town mayor, and the guy from the board of education. all of which had very nice encouraging things to say. the student speaches were very well written and the choir was not bad. although if i have to hear “i will raise you up” one more time i may have to jump off of something high.

following the ceremony, the students threw their caps in the air and started to disperse, in all the chaos i hear my name being yelled and saw her running towards me. i gave her a huge hug and she immediately said “LOOK” “I got my diploma and it has my NAME on it!”–more tears from me. we took lots of pictures and had lots more hugs then it was time for the all night party. i am so damn proud of her and i wish her all the best!

Congrats K!!!!!

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thursday thoughts…

in the interest of not turning this into a complete and utter wedding blog (partly because the wedding industrial complex irks me and partly because i really have no idea what i am doing when it comes to planning such a thing…oh and because there are a million other things going on as well) i have decided to present my thursday thoughts with a spattering of wedding related obsessions thoughts;

  • i need something borrowed, what do you you borrow when you get married? there will be a total of ten people there, the borrowing pool is kinda small…
  • the young lady that i have been mentoring for three years now is graduating from high school today, i am so incredibly proud and probably more nervous than she is…
  • i was able to spend last night with my dad at nicks baseball game, it was  a tough loss, well kinda-i mean tough in the way that they just decided to fall asleep in the third inning. but it is always a good time with dad…
  • mary aka my maid of honor has found the most perfect maid o honor dress at jcrew, of course she is so frickin’ cute that a trash bag would probably look just as cute…
  • i caved and created an account on the knot (only because i need to find someone to marry us) the most gratifying thing about signing up was checking off things that are already done or do not pertain to our ceremony. for instance date, check, dress, check, place, check, dinner, check…
  • according to said website i have 71 days until the wedding and i do have to comment on how they are so polite, welcoming me and kevin back and all…
  • i saw the sun! and rumor has it…it may show up again and soon! i may have to put my ark building on the back burner…
  • at work, our fiscal year ends june 30, turns out i have three and a half sick days to use before hand-i may be feeling a headache coming on at any point…NO ONE should waste those right?

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it feels like it was just friday, i realize that this week was no shorter than last week, but still where did the week go? and when is the sun going to come out? seriously i am going to build an ark although it may have a few more modern accommodations than the one noah built, just saying! should be a nice relaxing weekend, maybe go and spend some time with my dad who incidentally has been sending pictures of dress to my sister-who happened to suggest a cow limo for the wedding, she has a thing for cows. and although she said she would pay for it, i told her i wouldn’t want her to spend that kind of money on me and really, cows were her thing.

she called me the other night while she was looking at them and said it was just gorgeous and what not and then mid conversation she starts laughing hysterically-tear inducing laughing. because i wasn’t in the same room with her i began to question what was so funny. after about a minute of laughing she goes “i love our dad” my response was “yeah he is a great guy” she snorted then began to describe what he had just sent her. apparently dad is savvy with photo-shop because she got a third picture of the dress only this time it was covered in cow print. that dad is a funny man! of course i find this out after i send him some sappy you’re the best fathers day card when i really wanted to send him some sarcastic ‘hey at least i am not asking for anything this time…’ type card.

and while i was on facebook the other day i got an email from my bestest friend mags in michigan. we have been friends since freshman year of college, lived together ect. she moved to kazoo after graduation for her job and i moved back a few months later, we just complimented each other perfectly, when i moved to ct she was the last person i saw in kazoo, i made it back for her wedding and finally after four years she came out here. when i picked her up at the airport i had tears in my eyes because i couldn’t believe she was really here and after all that time of not being together-it was exactly the same. i got an email from her the other night that said she didn’t realize how much she missed just hanging out-which gave me goosebumps and another tear in my eye. mags is the best and here we are after a weekend of boston, baseball games, and dave matthews:


and one of my favorite questions, one we always were asked in college and happened every time out here as well was “is this your sister?” even mary thinks there is a resemblence.

Happy Weekend!

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i highly recommend trying on wedding dresses for any of the following ailments; hangnail, low self-esteem, boredom, loneliness, cough due to cold, headaches, sprained ankles, allergies, hangovers, tooth aches, bad hair days, good hair days, acne breakouts, and any and every other ailment in the book! why? because it. is. fun. never in my wildest dreams did i think i would have so much fun that three hours would pass in a blink of an eye. for the longest time i had huge reservations of trying on dresses, knowing that the sizes run small making me think that i would never get a good idea of what it would really look like because they wouldn’t be able to close up the back…NOT THE CASE! there were actually dresses there that were too big, HA too big!

the first dress i tried on was the one i ultimately went with, the look on my moms face is something i will always treasure, just priceless. i didn’t cry until the fitting part of the day and then it was only a bit. i can tell you that its white, its a gown, which is so not what i planned on but they way it fits is perfect and i wouldn’t want to change that for the world and there is evening some beading…ohh beading. 

next i have to figure out how to do my hair, my mom informed me that i would NOT be wearing my hair in pigtails and whether or not i want a veil. The place is booked people have been invited and it is all really happening!!

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its Friday!!!

whoo hoo, i dont think i have been looking forward to a friday in a long time, at least not a friday where i have nothing planned for this evening and that is just fine by me! so in honor of the day i found some clips that may explain my persnickety eating habits. a little preface; i grew up watching the muppet show, the only puppets that are acceptable in my book, and i just realized that perhaps seeing this clip at a very young age may have attributed somewhat to my extreme distaste for pasta;

for the longest time i would not eat eggs, didn’t matter if they were green or not, perhaps this is why;

then i realized that not only did that show influence my eating habits, i think it attributed to my ecclectic taste in music (my dad singing barbershop not withstanding…)

but the first time i saw this i did think elton john was a bit off…

elton john has got nothing on mr. teeth! and of course listening to paul simon was not un-common;

the possibilities are endless and i could go on and on, however i do have pretend to be somewhat responsible and actually get work done. in other news tomorrow i am going dress shopping, yes with my mom for the dress, you know the fancy one that i will most likely wear only once. i have no idea what i really really want, however i do know it will be a  cocktail length and some shade of white, i guess its time and i am super excited because everything is really going to happen. YaY! Happy Weekend!

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WTF Friday…

Really???? what did they do to my little pony?

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  • i think if you are a dental hygienists, there should be rules to follow such as; no humming, don’t ask questions while you are digging in my mouth…i certainly cannot answer them, and be sure your breath smells good, the mask you are wearing only covers up so much.
  • i think that shorter work weeks are really longer work weeks in disguise.
  • i think about how different my life would be if I hadn’t a)moved to connecticut. b) had surgery. and c) still lived with my parents.
  • i think it is CRAZY that i was at a baseball game last night and had a conversation with two other mothers about laundry, cooking, and turning 40. that last bit didn’t so much apply to me and one of them did turn to me and say something along the lines of wanting to poke my eye out with a fork. (apparently at 40 you no longer care to appease everyone and aggression is an acceptable form of conversation.)
  • i think i have never been a huge fan of tiffanys jewlery, espcially the charms that are big, clunky and have the brand name all over them, however my sister and i had an entire conversation about their keys…which i adore…have no idea how to drop that hint, not that we have money for anything like that but they are just gorgeous.
  • i think my sister quitting her job in jersey and moving to new york with the boyfriend was one huge/brave move and i wish her all the best.
  • i think my dad is not ready for retirement and will soon wear a pacing path around the house in order to not die of boredom, but i also think this is temporary and he will be back to the grind in no time!
  • i think my teeth are so clean right now, i could see my reflection in them if i looked really really hard, i guess that is what i get from a humming, interrogating, halitosis suffering dental hygienist.

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