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have you ever been in a situation that you know is just off? i have been fortunate enough to be in more than one this past week/end. first awkward situation, friday, i am working at a science expo, lots of school groups come around and look at what the museums/clubs/schools have to offer and take anything they can get their hands on. we were handing out buttons, very popular actually. but thats not the awkward part. earlier on in the week i had recieved an email from a former co-worker, informing me that another co-worker had just lost his only daughter in a drowning incident. now i didnt know him all that well, but he was always very nice and rather quiet. i am not sure when exactly this happened but it must have been over spring break. i read about the memorial service and just felt really bad, i could never in a million years imagine loosing a child or even begin to know how to deal with it. back to the expo, i am sitting next to my co-worker, who was in the office when i recieved the email, and i notice someone who looked very familiar, it was the gentleman who had just lost his daughter, he was with his wife and i just wanted to give him a hug. i said hi,  (i hadnt seen him since i had left the job) and he introduced his wife, but looked lost. i just wanted to give him a hug but i didnt because i had no idea how to even broach the subject. when they moved on i mentioned to my co-worker that was the man i used to work with and we both just had dumbfounded looks on our faces…

Awkward moment number two…direct from the little league field (and let me tell you that place is FULL of drama!) one of nicks team mates broke his ankle in feb. while snow tubing. no big deal except this was the teams big player…you know six feet tall, pitcher and hitter extraordinarie. (oh and he is 12). well i know both of his parents, i am usually sitting next to his dad during the games, nice enough guy, his mom is a social butterfly and will be visiting everyone at the field. they seemed happy. NOT! the dad was so disappointed that his son couldn’t play at a game that he left the game saying he just couldn’t watch, well i mentioned that conversation to the mother and i said it was kinda funny. she looked at me with a blank look and said “i don’t” then proceeded to perform verbal vomit about how they were just snow tubing and accidents happen and its not her fault and she didn’t take baseball away from her son and ending the tirade with court is may 8th. i had a blank look of holy shit! again didnt really know what to say, thankfully i havent been sitting with both since, not really sure how to handle that situation either.

great weekend though, and i did touch the snake, thats all, touched, then cringed.

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